Ladies of Hive Community Contest #111:stress relief

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Hello fellow ladies, compliment of the season ⛄🎄 to you all.

This contest topic

What is your formula for managing stress and becoming overwhelmed, if you've experienced it, during the holiday season?

has really come at the right time and when I saw it I just smiled because that's exactly how I'm feeling.


It's only 19 days to Christmas and as a fashion designer, this is one of the most stressful period for me.
Almost every lady wants a new dress for herself and daughters for Christmas or for weddings that are taking place every weekend.
Trust my gender, they always want to look beautiful even in the face of this harsh global economy crisis.

You can imagine how stressful my days are including house chores but one has to hustle to put food on the table.

So you can ask how do I manage the stress each day?
Well, that's what I'm about telling you right now. So why not get a chill glass of a choice wine as you read through.

Stress relief

  • Take a hot bath and rest.

First of all, I take a hot bath as it helps me to feel refreshed and regain some strength before I rest in bed and have some sleep.
I emphasized on hot bath because no matter how hot the weather is, I don't bathe with cold water. I just don't know how to use it on my body.

  • Take some fruits.
    It is a well known fact that fruits intake helps in digestion and which also helps in making me feel relaxed.
    So after a stressful day, I stroll down the street to fruits vendor to grab some for my relaxation.

  • Water intake.
    I love drinking a lot of water which helps in relieving stress. In fact you will always find a cup or bottle of water within my reach while working on the sewing machine or even in the kitchen.
    Drinking water has some kind of magic it performs in my body each time I drink it. I feel refreshed.

So in this holiday season in order to become overwhelmed, I need to adhere to my stress relief so I won't be knocked out or fall sick due to excess stress.

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