What's in your bag||loh contest #58

Hello beautiful ladies, i trust you're good and your week was Lovely. Well, the weekend is here again and I'm really excited, I don't know why, or should i say i have no real reason i can point out to that's making me so excited, could it be the spirit of the weekend? Who knows?. Well I can be sure of one thing here and now, participating in loh contests is a thing of Joy for me, and now we have another interesting question posed by @brittandjosie, a wonderful lady.

"What's in your bag"

I like to carry along bags that are a bit spacious but not too big and out of fashion. This right here fits my description.


So today was a weekday and of course i had to go to school for some lectures which i predicted well would be light. We closed rather early today. While at home i decided to take a book, a very interesting one for the mind so as to keep myself busy and also my mind too, when I had Little to do and didn't want to scroll through Facebook.

Then there's also a little spray in my bag too. I like the smell of it and I love to smell nice too. I actually sell perfumes on a small scale and carrying one along with a very nice scent is a good way to advertise my products, not that i make them, lol.

A little cosmetics. Well I just had to go along with these. Sometimes my lips go dry and my fave too oily, so either one that comes for the day, I would overcome. In there you can see a power, one for oil control and also a lip balm too.

Money. What can i do without this, my day could automatically go bad cos of this, lol. For a start, I would have to walk to school, under the sun and the still walk back home, without having to take any snacks in school. I carry this as a necessity and should in case something unexpected happens, I won't be totally stranded.


There you have it, my bag. I would like to invite, @victoria95 to join in the fun. I would like to see your bag.

Thanks for visiting. Peace.

Yup, that's me with another bag, this was actually on Wednesday.

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