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Hi friends! Have you checked out this week's Ladies of Hive contest by @thekittygirl ?

For this week we want to know:

1️⃣ What is the most important thing that you ALWAYS carry with you, and why?


2️⃣ Are you a leader person or a follower, and why do you think that is?

Well what are you waiting for!

Allow me to take you back to when I was little because this question did took me back how i lost my very first bestie. I grew up in a large compound where we had a couple of families living in their own space yet sharing a general space like the stairs, outdoor tap area, back yard and carpark. This means growing up in the midst of lots of children of my age, younger and even older. There was never a dull moment and I had a lot of acquittance and few friends with few being the operative word probably because some of those kids didn't like my guts.

I used to have this bestie that was a dictator. Of cause at age 9 I didn't know this was the word for it but what I did know was I didn't agree to do everything she commanded and she told me we were friends no more. I didn't beg her like our other friends would. She really stopped talking to me. Minutes turned to hours, hours to days and days to weeks and even months before we eventually relocated.

This was when I was in elementary school. Similarly when I was in high school and even university some so called besties left because I was not completely meek. My slim figure might be the reason but people often try to over ride before eventually realizing that not only am I smart, I'm stronger than I look and I'm not a push over. The ones that came closer discovered that I'm the exact opposite of what they thought.

Fact is, being a leader is something that naturally came to me.
As the first daughter in an African home, there were a lot of things I was kept in charge of. These things I must take care of, manage and control. Though, this was to give me the necessary home training a young African girls is to have, it became the stuff of which I'm made of -resilient, hardworking, respectful, kind and compassionate.

I can proudly say that I first learned how to manage people and things from home. And outside the house, i'm able to volunteer. And I never reject when nominated to handle something. I simply do my assignment and learn on the job.

To be a leader, is to make sacrifices. Putting others first has always been something I do. And no, it is not at all exhausting if you do it without expecting anything in return, not even a "thank you".

To be a leader is to be trust worthy. Often than not, It fells like I was shortchanging myself because being truthful and straightforward to a fault comes with a high price in our world today. I have been kept in positions of trust a number of times and I can beat my chest that I always do well.
Recently, my younger sibling called to inform me that he'll like to keep some money with me. He's saving up for a school project. Meanwhile, my old time friend from school also called to ask for financial assistance. I'm not perfect but I'm glad they think of me when they need help. I'm happy I can be of service in this manner.

To be a leader is to patient. Patience is indeed a virtue for a leader. It brings out the best in the people you work with and in return it brings you result. This attribute was handy when I was controlling the daily affairs of our dispatch service business. Human management is a technical aspect of any organization big or small and you need a whole lot of patience to cope.

In my various capacities as a leader, I have been opportune to meet, dine, hug, shake hands and chat with people that are way out of my league. Serving as leader has also sharpened and polished me in so many ways than I can mention.

Being a leader is to be a magnet of love.

@zohu and @estherscot, would you rather tell us about the most important thing you always carry with you or would you tell us if you're a leader or follower? Feel free to join this week's ladies of hive contest by answering any or all of the above question.

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