Hello Ladies
Happy weekend to you all, I'm sure you're all having a great time with your family. I just finished my house chores, like they say weekend is for cleaning 😂

Thanks to the very special lady who invited me to this contest @hopestylist, she has been of great help because I almost forgot about this week's contest just like I did last week. Thanks to @ladiesofhive for bringing this week's contest, I will testify that this week's topics are very interesting and I will be reacting to question two which is what I do for fun 😊

What do you usually do for fun and how often do you do them?

There many things I do for fun especially when I'm bored. I'm sure most of us here have one or two things we like doing, if not everyday but at least once in awhile. Some of the things I do for fun include;


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I choose this as my number one because movie is a thing of the soul for me, though I don't watch movies all the time except when I feel like. I love any movie that interest me especially horror movies. Some of my friends do ask me why I would rather watch something terrifying instead of romance or comedy, but the thing here is that most things girls like, I don't really like them. I don't often watch movies because there's no always power supply.


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Well blogging has become part of me, there is no day that passes by that I don't check my blog sites. I make sure I check my notification, engage in people's posts and lots more, I also try to check if I can write an article. I do this everytime. If I may confess, blogging has helped me in terms of writing and otherwise.


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Some people see cooking as work but I see it as something I do for fun. I cook all the time and I love the fact that I have the passion for cooking. I try my best to come up with different recipes that will make my food taste nice instead of cooking almost the same meal everyday.

I would have added sleeping to the list but I had to change it because I have noticed that for quite sometime now, I haven't had time to sleep and I only sleep when I feel I can't control it anymore. I also try to fight it because I don't know if it's contributing to me adding weight 😜

These are the things I do for fun and I hope you enjoyed reading my post.

I invite @tarilayoung and @tosanscott to participate in this contest here


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