Scottish Dream #116

2022 was a pret.. ... ty boring year for me. Well, not too boring but there was little to no adventure (unlike other years), I lived almost everyday of it doing the same things over and over so, this year, I've decided to follow my Scottish Dream, having faith in God and in the universe that my dreams would see the light of day.


Scottish Dream

I don't know when my love for Scotland started but I know it's their men's accent that captivated me (Starting with Drew McIntyre, the famous W.W.E star), the Scots have one of the most graceful and fascinating accents I've ever heard and I secretly wish I can get married to a Scottish man 🤭 (well, that's part of the dream).
I dream of visiting Scotland someday and my sole reason is to hear more Scottish accents (till I get tired of it obviously) but I can't just go there without visiting the famous Edinburgh castle for sight seeing, I've read a bit about this castle and it's history so I'm fascinated and interested in seeing this magnificent tourist attraction. I'd also love to visit the Fairy pools because I love the sight of water and the legend that says a 'local' married a fairy and that gave name to the place(s) so why wouldn't I want to see a magical place like that.....


Glasgow Tower

Another lovely place on my mind is the Glasgow Tower and Glasgow science centre, I love heights and climbing that tower would be a huge feather to my cap (achievement and adventure), also I'd really enjoy having intelligent conversations with scientists and other intellectuals at exhibits in the Glasgow science centre.






Other places I'd love to visit are

  • Camera Obscura and world of illusions
  • Riverside Museum
  • The Falkirk Wheel and lastly, Ben Nevis, the heightest mountain in Scotland, I'd love to go mountain climbing and probably get on a jet or helicopter from the top and skydive down. That would be epic and extremely exciting, imagine if I did that with my significant other, (if wishes were horses right?) Well, that'll be my dreamy adventure.

This is an entry to the #ladiesofhive community contest 1️⃣ If you are to take a trip this year to another place or country that you've never been to before, where would you go and what will you be doing there?.

Thanks for reading my blog and a beautiful and Happy New Year to you 🤗

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