Passion Loh contest #90

Hello beautiful ladies, I hope your day is as beautiful as your smile.
This is my entry to the Ladies of hive community contest #90

"Tell us about your passions, such as painting, dancing, drawing, knitting, taking pictures, etc. The sky is the limit — anything that makes you happy is a passion!"

Thinking about this prompt, I realized I've never really thought of my passions as "Passions". I just had lots things I loved and enjoyed doing, anyway, here's a few things I love engaging in.


From my childhood, I watched and envied actors. I always thought of growing up very fast and acting in movies but I grew up to find out it's not as easy as I thought (Lol). I tried acting out roles from movies I watched everytime and my elder brother who loved acting too would watch and cheer me on. At age 14, I joined my church drama group called "Joel company/peculiar theatre" and the more i rehearsed with them, the more I fell in love with acting. Although I'm still unsure of pursuing acting as a professional career, I still act in church dramas and anywhere I can.



I've never gone to a makeup school or had someone tutor me on makeup except for the YouTube videos I spent hours watching at night 😊.
I've always felt "makeup brings out the confidence in a woman" and as a girl struggling with low self esteem, I jumped on almost every makeup video I could find, bought makeup materials I could afford and at first, I did weird stuffs but with consistency I found makeup fun and easy also, I'm in love with "calm looks" not like I can't do a full makeover (definitely not) I'm just more confident in a calm look.


First makeup I did on someone (my former neighbor) in 2019


Makeup on my mum in October 2021


After cutting my hair, I found a new love for wigs and started watching wig making tutorials (earlier this year). The first wig I made was from used attachment and hair net, I found it silly at first and a waste of time but I soon fell in love with it after I was done.
The second wig I made is made from weavon and although it's not perfect, I put my whole mind into it.


Made with weavon.


Made with used attachment.

I could go on and on about things I'm passionate about like fixing and painting nails and baking but this would suffice for now and this is already long enough (right?😉).

All images are mine except stated otherwise.

I'm inviting @wolfofnostreet to join this contest.
Thank you for reading my post ❤️.
❤️&🕯️ from @orah14

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