Ghost #107.

Hi beautiful ladies of this wonderful community. I'm glad to be back here today with a blog answering the first question of this week's contest.

If you were a ghost and could possess people, what would you make them do?

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First of, if I was a ghost (even if it's just for a day) I'd take my time to hunt certain people for the sole purpose of laughing, I can't be sad in life and be sad as a ghost too, as they say, laughter is the best medicine.

If I could possess people as a ghost, the first person I'd possess is my closest/childhood friend and I'll make her break up with her boyfriend. Hold on, hear me out before you judge 🤭. This guy she's dating has no respect for her at all, he rarely does the "bare minimum", she's always complaining about him but doesn't want to leave him, she knows he's cheating on her (he doesn't hide it anymore, after all, what can she do?), they've broken up more than I can remember, and he's chased her out of his house twice once at 11 pm and another time he left her stranded after traveling through different states to see him. So, if I'm a ghost, that's my first assignment, end the relationship and help her move on.

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The second person I'd like to possess is my Dad, growing up under strick rules, I always wished he was more understanding so I'd love to make him soft.
My dad is not a romantic so it'll be fun to make him arrange and pay for series of dates with my mum (because she deserves it) and she's a romantic (that loves a rigid man, my goodness 😅). I'll be sure to make him friendly with his children too as we don't relate well with him, we'd love to have free conversations with him .

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Lastly, if I was a ghost that means I died right? So I can't possess someone and make them fall in love with me ☹️ but I'll possess my neighbor and make them cut all the foot wares in their house. There's this neighbor I have that lives upstairs, whenever any one of them comes out, it's trouble. They bang the door, run down (or up) the stairs with force making noise (even at night), while walking, they drag legs on the ground as if their footwear was made of metal. I'm sensitive to sound and I don't sleep early, they don't sleep early too, as late as 1:00 am, they still run down the stairs and make noise, I don't know if I'm the only one who hears it but I'm fed up. If I get to possess one person in that house???
I'm either cutting their footwear or throwing them away. Hallelujah!! No more noise 😌.

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