Ladies of Hive Community Contest #100

Hello friends.
Welcome to ladies of hive community contest week 100.

The questions for this week by: @trangbaby

I am going for the first question because I faced the challenge :

1️⃣ Do you know how to be an effective advocate for your beloved one or friend when they're dealing with a mental health issue? Do you know how to respond, whom to contact for help? Have you ever been faced such a challenge?


I am born into a happy family. Everyday was a happy day.
I grew up with them, until when I was eleven.
I went to stay with my Aunt and her family, which I became one of them.
I was the youngest amongst her three children, and one younger that is my mate.
During many years with them, I didn't experience any challenges.
I was in the same boarding school with her daughter, my mate when the unusual happened.
She was sick for sometime, it was malaria so the test said.
We weren't allowed to leave the hostel except on a serious issue.
At first my sister cried saying she wanted to go home.
I thought it was one of those homesickness, I talked her into taking her meds and waiting till the mid term break which was close.
That morning as usual, she was still in bed when I came to check up on her.
I checked her temperature, then she opened her eyes and pushed me away shouting and calling for help.
I was surprised and annoyed, wondering what is wrong with her.
"am I the cause of your sickness?" I shouted back angrily.
Our hostel people surprised at what was going on came close, immediately my sister started saying strange things.
That's when I knew that something is off somewhere.
To confirm, I asked her "what's your name?" she couldn't answer.
Other students just laughed and left us, saying she was trying to put up a show so she can go home.
I wasn't comfortable, as she kept on talking to herself.
I rushed to the principal office, told her something strange is happening to my sister.
She sent me away, maybe she thought it was students tricks.
I went to the school clinic and convinced the nurse into calling my Aunt.
I spoke with my Aunt, explaining the whole situation.
She told me to go stay with my sister before something bad happens that she is coming to the school immediately.
On reaching the hostel, my sister was already acting drama while other students laughed to it.
They all left on seeing me.
As usual my sister saw me as a threat to her.
Heavens helped me I didn't know how I did it, I was able to calm her down before my Aunt came and took her to a hospital.

It wasn't myself the whole time, blaming myself for not insisting and working on my sister going home.
Maybe the initial malaria could have been treated well.

I was glad she received proper medical care, and was able to come back to her senses.
Though we still experience her drama it once a while, but it is not critical.

Thanks for reading.
I will like to invite @jane1289 and @amakauz to join the contest.

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