What was the most devastating event in your life? Express your feelings and how you coped.

Many times, life puts us in some situations so traumatic that we find it difficult to let go of our minds. What could be so devastating than losing our loved ones? Death is a nasty experience for everyone no matter how we try to be strong, it's expected that with time, we forget and move on with our lives but it's difficult for some people including me.

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Some years ago, I lost my Dad after months of illness. He fought for his life but death said no. Even when he was recovering a bit, one day he dressed up on Sunday morning to attend church service, in an attempt to wear his trousers, he slumped! We rushed him to the hospital but he passed away after 4 hours. I cried, wailed, and consoled myself. As if that wasn't enough, my younger brother, our last born died too few months after the death of my Dad๐Ÿ’”.


I lost my younger brother, a boy full of wisdom, smartness, and intelligence. At the age of 10, he has won many awards in school, he is well recognized both in school and in the church due to his degree of intelligence. Most people used to doubt his age when he perform in school. The school established a relationship with my family due to the way he has announced the school through the inter-school academic contest he usually wins for his school. His nickname became genius, looking at him sometimes, I will be imagining how bright his future would be, bright I reckoned of course, but I was totally wrong. Death came like a thief one faithful afternoon and hit him harder.


He was sitting quietly in front of our house reading a novel, when a white dog came in through the pedestrian gate, jumped into him, bite his lips and rant out immediately Everything happened so fast, some men around searched for this dog everywhere in the whole village, all to no avail. It was as if it vanished in the air. While they were searching for the ๐Ÿฉ ๐Ÿ• dog, we already rushed him to the hospital for quick medical attention. The doctor assured us that he will be fine after 9 days of injection. On day 3 of the injection, my younger brother, full of flesh and blood DIED, Oh death you are very wicked!


All his dreams and aspirations in life were dashed out just like that. My mum fainted several times, and my siblings and I were in big shock. I wanted to wake up from that dream but then it turned out to be a reality. We lost him, the doctor, his school was astonished likewise we his family, the whole thing looked confusing but the truth was that "Uche" my younger brother is no more.


The ugly situation made our village king give an order to kill every single dog found in the community and he banned every family from keeping dogs at home to date. It was such a devastating moment for me and my family. Last year, my mum was still watching his picture and crying, on my own side, I kept seeing him in my dreams and he kept telling me that he is in heaven and that I should not worry. Don't know if I can ever forget him but I have been coping by God's grace and encouraging my mum to be strong as well.

I do hope to see him again in Heaven ๐Ÿงก


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