MY PASSION, MY BLISS || Ladies of Hive Community Contest #90

Tell us about your passions, such as painting, dancing, drawing, knitting, taking pictures, etc. The sky is the limit — anything that makes you happy is a passion!"

This is a weekly contest from the @ladiesofhive community and I would love to invite @monica-ene and @projectmamabg to come and share with the ladies what their passions are. To get the details of the contest, kindly click HERE

There are lots of things that I love doing always because I derive joy from doing them and that's my passion. Let me discuss interesting top 3 of what my passions are with the ladies amidst others🥰.


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Surprised about this my passion? Maybe yes, but that's just the truth about me, hehehehe. Sometimes I feel I am already addicted to cleaning if there is this type of addiction😄 but then, that is how the extent I love doing laundry without regarding it as a chore. Being a stay-at-home mom, I can practically tell you that I wash and clean daily. Skipping any day means meeting a pile of clothes the next day. Technology provided a washing machine to make this work easier but most times, I even forget that I have a washing machine 🤦, I just prefer manual washing most times, and singing and listening to music while on the job is a good combo and that makes the passion more yummy and interesting.

Back then when I was growing up with my grandma who raised me from 7 years of age till I got married, I remember not getting tired of cleaning the house hourly. I just love to clean and so it's not only a morning duty for me rather I clean any time I notice tiny sand on the floor. Grandma loved this part of my life so much and couldn't stop confessing how she missed those days since I got married 🥰.


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When I talk of writing, I don't necessarily mean writing a novel or creating content. I mean writing down any important info that flies through my ears. Write down important teachings or knowledge I come across, penning down my daily activities. Writing down important info about my family at large. This has been part of me for so many years ago and I love doing it. Times, I pick up my diary and read the info I wrote there years back and can't help but keep smiling. Fast forward to now that I began my blogging journey, the passion unfolded the more and I am loving it daily.


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Here comes another interesting passion of mine. I love taking pictures of every event of my life and that of my children. Life on camera has been an interesting thing I cherish so much because it keeps good memories that I can look back and cherish. I capture every vacation, event, and good moment of my children, and maybe I am also getting addicted to taking pictures, hahaha. You know these children are only little for a while and before you know it they grow older and those early memories always lighten my mood. Just last week, my husband inserted our old memory card into the phone and we were watching the pictures of our kids right from birth at the theater🤩, down to their first birthdays and now. My older son couldn't stop laughing at his baby pictures likewise us. The memories were fantastic and I am not stopping any time soon about life on camera🤩🤩.

Let me stop now but then, there is still a bunch of interesting passion I cherish a lot that is so significant in my life.

Thanks for reading !!!

Remember to keep staying positive and be happy😊💖🧡💞.

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