My Dream Trip To Israel ( LOH Contest 116)

So, it is another new week and another interesting contest. A shout-out to @ifarmgirl for these questions released for Contest 116 in the @ladiesofhive community.

There are are so many places I would love to visit this year. Out of them all, the one place ( actually a country), that I would choose first, is ISRAEL.

Why Israel?
The country of Israel has been fascinating to me since I was a young child. Being brought up in a Bible believing Christian home, I loved listening to all the Bible stories that talked about the great Patriachs of our faith, and about Jesus Christ who was born, and who lived and died in Israel.

What I'll do when I go to Israel:
🔸I would love to engage a tourist guide, to take me round Israel.
🔸I will pay a visit to River Jordan to see the river that had to stop flowing so the people could cross into the land. The same river in which Naaman dipped in seven times to be cleansed from leprosy.
🔸I will go to Jericho. Perhaps I will still be able to see the ruins of the fallen walls of Jericho. Perhaps the guide would be able to show me the spot where Blind Bartimaeus sat begging.
🔸I will ask to be taken to the pool of Bethsaida, where an angel usually visited once a year to stir the water so that the first person that stepped in got healed.
🔸I will go to Bethany, the town of Lazarus, Mary and Martha.
🔸I will go to Bethlehem, the City of David where Jesus was born.
🔸I will go to Jerusalem, visit the Garden of Gethsemane, and the Mount of Olives.
🔸I will visit a Synagogue, meet at least a Rabbi and ask some questions if I am given the chance.
🔸I will visit the empty grave that proves Jesus rose from the dead.
🔸I will learn to prepare the special dishes that are normally eaten during special feasts in Israel.

This is my dream trip. It will require money, I know! 😊😊 But then, dreams do come true.

Thanks for reading my post. Please leave your thoughts in the comments and I will respond.

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