LOH Contest #192 Real friends are rare. | It's not about the thing, it's what it symbolizes.

It has been a while since I participated in expounding topics in this community. I had several participations way back, so here I am again.

The topics for this week are all interesting which leads me into answering them both.

First is, How much does friendship mean to you? Can you make friends easily?


When I was young, I used to enjoy being alone. I preferred to stay in a corner, minding my own business, and just exist. In my early years in school, I started to make friends and participate in church activities. I could not say I had built a strong friendship with anyone until I reached high school.

I have shared before that I only have a small circle of friends because, for me, it is quality over quantity which means I don't mind having friends I can count on with my fingers as long as they resonate the real meaning of friendship - someone I can count on.

True enough, when I reached high school, I met these two girls who I shared most of my life - until now. We may rarely see each other and talk because of different priorities now, but deep in our hearts, we are connected. We are inseparable. We are sisters, not by blood, but by heart.


Friendship is precious and friends are my extended family. It is truly hard to find people that are worth keeping for. Real friends are rare.So when you are blessed with true friends, treasure them. Build a strong foundation, experience great things together, and support each other. One day, you'll look back and realize how your friends have made your life wonderful.

As someone who is an ambivert, I always choose my friends well. I see to it that more than just having the same vibes, it is more important to have friends who mirror more of yourself - friends who have dreams, who value loyalty, and who are God-given.

The second question is, What old, worn-out thing you can simply not part with?


All of us are raised in a different environment, thus, leading us to have different personalities. As I have mentioned earlier, I do not have lots of friends but when I do, I make sure that they are the most genuine and that I am also for them. Coupled with this behavior, I think it also has something to do with me being sentimental. It made me treasure more of who and what I am with. If I am given any gift, no matter how small it is, I always treasure it because for me it's not the gift, it is more on the act of giving. When I am gifted with something small or less, I even value it more because in my mind, I think that this person gave me all that he/she has - that this person has extended this act of kindness even if it leaves him/her empty.

Being someone who gives so much worth to gifts, it is this pair of footwear that I could not part with no matter how old or worn-out this could be. Being old, worn out, or damaged refers only to the surface but this thing had survived long walks and journey with me. This pair of footwear has never failed me in surviving those bumpy pathways and uncertain crossroads. I feel like it is not just the footwear that is with me throughout, but also the giver. It made me feel that in every journey I had to take, I was wearing this footwear and that I was accompanied by the thoughts of the giver.


After all, it is not just the comfort something gives that makes a difference, it is more of what it symbolizes and how it affects you, regardless of being old and worn out.

See? I am not as sentimental as you think.😂

This is all for my LOH Contest participation. I hope I gave justice to your questions m. Until the netswriting.

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