Ladies of Hive Community Contest #78 - My Favorite Pet Story

This week @ladiesofhive Contest comes up with these two questions. I would like to answer the second one.

1️⃣ We have all had a person who has helped us grow. Sometimes that teacher taught us with love, other times learning was a challenge. We want you to tell us about that person who helped you in the evolution of your life, it could be a boss, a friend, an acquaintance, a coworker, etc.


2️⃣ Pets are a gentle breeze or sometimes a big splash. We would like to hear about that special pet in your life. It can be the pet you had as a child or your current pet.
What do you think about it?


In my growing up I have never been very fond of pets. Rather I can say I was very scared of them, I could never touch them. When I was small my aunt had a German Shepherd Dog. He was huge and looked very scary to me. For a very long time in my life I never got close to any animals.

Then came a change in my life. Around 12 years back my neighbor brought a just born Cocker Spaniel home, and he looked so very adorable. For the very first time in my life I got attracted to an animal and wanted to hold him. Just in few days time I got very fond of him and I would leave my door open to run around and play between both our homes. The bonding kept growing over the years his name is Dollar. Though I got very fond of him but still I would not like him licking me and I must say that pets are more sensitive then humans. He understood that, he would come and play with me, cuddle up and do all the fun but never lick me.

Last 6 years I shifted to Muscat and he with his mother shifted to Dubai, after that it have not been able to meet him much and I do miss him around when I travel to my Mumbai home. He is a very smart and adorable boy.

Then a year back came one more pet in my life. Muffin. He is my very good friend's pet. She had got him on day 2 to my home, just so adorable that I could not hold myself back once again holding him. I started getting very fond of him and I could see that he too. I love playing around with me, he is the most naughtiest pet I have come across. And he is a big time foodie, he would eat almost everything and anything that we give him. He knows I pamper him a lot and he can get anything from me, so when I am around he very sweetly cuddles up in me. He loves to eat chicken and cheese, he enjoys spicy food. Wherever there is food we will find him there and he will be so obedient in that moment...hehehe

Last month was Muffin's first birthday and his parents had a birthday party for him. Our boy has grown out very handsome and looks adorably charming.
We cut the cake for him and he ate it too.

Some of my special moments with him

This picture is taken when he was 6 months old

My little adorable baby

Now he is our prince charming

And he is allowed to lick me also, though he knows that I do not like it much, but he gets so excited at times and goes crazy, I do not stop him then. I thought that I would never be able to connect with pets, but my little Dollar brought that change with me and now this baby Muffin has stolen my heart completely. In future when I settle down in one place, I am surely going to have my own pet. This is my little pet story and my transformation journey from not being fond of pets to loving them wholeheartedly.

I will like to invite @justklaire to participate in this contest.

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