Ladies of Hive Community Contest #163 - Women in all conditions

Interesting questions from @LadiesofHive - Contest #163 this week.

1️⃣ Risk situations for women are common. Do you feel prepared to face physical and psychological threats? What do you think about a woman preparing for self-defense and what criteria do you think they should take into account to avoid being paralyzed in imminent danger? 𝐀𝐍𝐃 / 𝐎𝐑 ~
2️⃣ It's December and you have the opportunity to give something material without a price-limit to a single person. The condition is that this person does not have any type of relationship with you and that they will not be able to transfer that gift to anyone else. What gift would you give, to whom, and why?

I strongly believe that a woman should not only be mentally strong but also physically strong. Mentally a woman is stronger then a man whereas physically the man is stronger then a woman, which is a fact and hence a woman does need to work a bit extra on building up that strength to face any adverse situation.

Every woman should gain physical strength by getting any type of strength training, it is important for self protection to not get over powered by any man due to lack of strength. Just not for that, there are so many jobs today where woman are not considered for the same reason, because it is felt that a woman is weak in the physical body and hence they cannot do certain jobs. But that's wrong, strength building has got nothing to do with man and woman genders, it can be equal for both.


Personally, yes. I do take care of both physical and mental health and ensure that I am ready to face the threats coming from both. For my mental health, I do meditation, nature walks, reading positive books and affirmations and for my physical strength as you all know I regularly practice normal and Aerial Yoga and other forms of exercises also through which I can gain strength.

I am not that type of a woman who would expect a man to carry the heavy bags or do the heavy jobs of the home. I would like to do my things my self. For any physical activity I do not wish to be dependent on the man of my house, so it's important for me to have my own strength. And yes, this also keeps me prepared for any dangers.


The second question, what gift would I like to give to a stranger, who cannot pass it on. My pick in this will always be a child. I will pick up one child from any orphanage or anyone in need and provide all their education material that they would need. Taking care of their material things I would also like to sponsor their education. Knowledge is something they can never give away to anyone and this will only empower them for a better and brighter future.
Every child deserves a good education and when they go through it they also need resources, like their books and stationery. It would be nice to gift it to a child so that they feel it complete when they go ahead with their education.

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