Ladies of Hive Community Contest #181 - Women in Power

This week for the @LadiesofHive - Contest -181 the questions are:
1️⃣ How are women in your country working together to bring about change, who do you admire currently and support within your region, and why?
~ 𝐀𝐍𝐃 / 𝐎𝐑 ~
2️⃣ Share how you deal with the barrage of direct or indirect changes affecting both our mental and/or health issues we face, how do you mange today?


Women are spreading out today in every field of work. There is no field where one can say that women will not be able to work, whether it is a mental work or a physical job. In the last few years I have been seeing a good progress in the way women are taking up jobs which at one point of time were considered to be only a man's job. For e.g. woman are now working at gas stations, they are riding autorickshaws. These were the jobs which at one time we would only see a man doing it.

There is no one woman in particular that I admire. I admire all those women who have progressed and who are making a difference in the society by breaking the centuries old shackles of what women can do and what women cannot do. For me women empowerment is not only about getting a job in fancy offices or placing themselves at senior positions. It is about making a mark in every area of life. Even a home maker is an empowered women as far as she is doing it happily with her own choice, because here she is the one who is making decisions for her family, which is such an important task.

There are many women organizations in India who are constantly working towards the benefit of all women. These females are all the heroes of the society today. In corporate offices also there are diversity targets to make sure of equal employment opportunities. All this is progressive for women and it's a positive change.

At the same time there is lots to work on. Because still there are many women who are living under the male dominance and they have no realization of that because it has just become so much a part of their lives so it looks very normal to them.


Dealing with my mental health- This is something which I am very mindful of. My mental health is very important for me as I know it has a direct impact on my physical health and not only that it impacts the quality of my life. Which does not mean that I am never sad or depressed, it's just that I have developed the ability to get out of it very quickly with being mindful about it.

Daily Meditation and Pranayama's has made a big difference to me in achieving this state of mindfulness. Whenever I am in those low zones I push myself out to some place of nature, by the sea side or going up to the mountains. These are places where I feel good and I am able to release my stress by soaking up myself in their energy and feel rejuvenated. Dancing & Music are also forms which I use sometimes to get out of these low states.

Isn't this therapeutic?

A healthy mind is a healthy life and I have learned this over a long period of time of how to keep myself free from all the dramas of life and hence I also follow on detachment practices which in the first place helps me to not get into the states of anxiety, worries, sadness and depression. But at the end of the day being human it is not possible to eliminate it completely.

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