Ladies of hive (LOH) contest # 163

Hello ladies and all hive members!

How are you all ? Hope you all are good. I'm also good and today i would like to make my entry for the Ladies of hive contest.

I would like to pick the second question to answer :

It's December and you have the opportunity to give something material without a price -limit to a single person. The condition is that this person does not have any type of relationship with you and they will not be able to transfer that gift to anyone else. What would you give , to whom and why?

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Answer: In my delivery time there is a nurse who support me alot. When i was so scared , she gave me courage. Wheres some other nurses are very strict and harsh, She explained everything to me very lovingly and politely.
This is two years old now, but i still remember all those moments well. It was my first time and i was so nervous. That nurse named pooja she understood me, gave me good advice and knowledge which was very helpful to me in that process.
When my labour pain started and my family members were outside the room , she held my hand and give me the strength to bear that pain. Ladies can understand that how much that emotional support means to us which given that time.
At one time , when i got a little weak she told me how much my family members worried about me and how eagerly they are waiting for the new member. Some times she distract me, some time she told me other ladie's brave stories.

She was working the day shift and she told me that it was her last day to work. She was getting married a few days later. But when i delivered night shift started. By than another nurse had arrived and her duty was over.
I couldn't even say thank you to her due to my pain that time.
The next day when my family was giving money to all nurses and staff as a congratulations and thank you to them , my eyes was looking for her. Who deserved the most thank you , she wasn't there.

So i want to say thank you very much to her, its because of ladies like her we all get so much support and our journey becomes easy. I want to gave her that congratulations and thank you money and also a small gift for her kindness 💗

Thank you so much for your time, support and love 🤍💫

@mysteriousroad 🙏

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