Promoting hive offline why I strive to invite others.

Hello Hive



A very pleasant day to all the amazing women in this community and everyone else paying the price to keep us together here.

Keeping a commitment has been one of my numerous challenges and after participating in the community for a while I noticed that I have longed fallen out. I am honored to receive an invitation by @wolfofnostreet once again to participate in this contest.

Why I preach about hive

Like its often my nature, anywhere I perceive talent, next thing that comes to mind is hive not minding who or where I have seen these qualities.
I appreciate a genuine living, no faking or lies in whatever humans do/ought to do.
Hive presents you the best platform to be true.
You don't have to copy someone else, just be yourself , interact well and responsible and you will find a second home online.

Hive is all encompassing it is far and wide offering you the best form of organizations into segments and niche where you can find just where you fit in.
There is always a place for everyone and the interface is user friendly.
Unlike other social media like Facebook where everything is mixed up and can't filter the areas you don't desire much this is quite simple.

The challenges I have faced bringing and keeping my family and offline friends here

Often times I believed that anyone who uses other social media well should be able to use hive and find this even more easy. Seems I was wrong.
I have a list of potential bloggers and talented hands I have helped get started, but most never get past the the introduction post. I keep pressing and encourage them to do more and try consistency even if its for a month. @adeife2 is a seamstress with hands full of crafts, you can check out her introduction post here and be wowed with some of her hand work, the bridal hand fans and flowers all made by her for couples but she stopped posting too.
@temmycrown is a wedding planner and makes surprise gifts for individuals willing to make surprise birthday party for their loved ones, she is a baker and makes small chops and other delicious table but I guess the physical activities hold her back from been able to sit and make contents here. @jearyjoe been an educationists a writer, inspiration and motivational speaker multilingual, and has written lots of books and poems keeps lamenting that writers aren't given much attention here(people are not interested in reading what will bless their soul) and that its better he publishes his articles on platforms where people can read and appreciate and pay tokens. Another of them is @harlex a male fashion designer who kept lamenting that he has good good pictures and work to show but doesn't know how to express himself in writing. @taimah-outfits works in crafts, she makes bags clothes and accessories that wows people everywhere, her offline work keeps her too busy from every social network except on Instagram where she just drops picture of her work without saying a word.

Most times I pass these post for them to read



I also have a few others who never passed the account creation steps
@ololade-pearl, @philips-afolayan, @adewalejonathan

People like @taimah-outfits needs a social media manager who can help publish their post on their behalf while they get busy with their creativity but there is no room for that on hive. You have to create contents by yourself.

Sometimes its at a function I meet and talk to people, Here is @temmycrown and @adeife2 whom we meet at a conference


Having put all these in place with both a physical orientation I believe that anyone should be able to find their way around here.
Its really tasking to keep your friends and family active on hive. I got frustrated and before I talk to someone about hive again, I do give it a second thought.

I will like to invite @gloriaolar and @bimpcy who have also not be committed to this community to also strive and be active here.

Thanks for the patience and time to read through the lines.

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