Imagine life without a mobile phone and the internet , Ladies of hive contest

Hello Ladies and fellow Hiveians

This happens to be an interesting topic that I can totally relate with.

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I have been in debates and arguments where people support or are against the motion that mobile phones and the internet is a good thing that has happened to our time and generation.

Believing that there is a whole lot we can achieve with our mobiles not minding the distance between people and the time zones inclusive, mobile phones have proving to be a barrier breaker ever since its inception, so I supported the motion afore mentioned.

Not with a total support because the negative side of the internet and mobile phones showed up the moment people started using it, creating a disadvantage out of something so beautiful and near perfection.

People lie and live fake lives on the internet and social media, even with simple making of calls people lie about their locations and several other holy lies exist, lots of crime and other accompanies the use of mobile phonesπŸ˜πŸ˜‚.

A lot of vices accompanies the use of mobile phones but a honest person can live above all this and be praiseworthy in any circumstance.

The most important thing I always carry with me.

This will be none other than my mobile phone.
Yesterday I was stranded in the street far from home and only my mobile had what it takes to rescue me.

It happened that I was to receive some items way redirected me from another state in Nigeria.(Niger state precisely and the item was some yards of fabric for my cousins wedding program coming up in a weeks time).

The driver told me to meet him at a spot in town and upon reaching there he has changed location to a more distant place, after already spending all my tfair to get to the first location he was no where to be found.

I made other calls and was redirected to the new location by this time the cash with me was exhausted and I wasn't with any card or ATM to withdraw money...

After been stranded and walking for a good mile I sought for POS terminals and asked if I could make transfer, I was lucky to make a successful transfer to a vendor who then reimburse me with some cash.

At this I was lucky, not even my powder or lipstick in the bag could do a thing, I was glad I had a cell phone with some data and my battery wasn't flat.

Worst still I could have gone begging for transport fair in the town while I have money in my account or ask someone to come to town in my location all the way from home and it will be very stressful.

Am glad my mobile saved me today and there a whole lot of other stuff I can use it for, online personal business and promotion of my fashion brand.

Blogging on hive is also done with mobile phone of course. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

And here is to the lovely fabric I went to retrieve from the motor packed that gave me a whole lot of stress yesterday




Am going to set to work and turn this into a dress in less than 12days in preparation for the wedding ceremony.

With all due pleasure I will live go invite @adeife2 and @temmycrown to participate in the contest and join the ladies of hive

Thanks for stopping by hope you had a good read

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