Do you think men or women make better blog and why?


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Here's my entry to the #22 Contest Do you think men or women make better friends and why?

Answer - Don’t get me wrong, they both can make friends at their own pace. However, from my own personal experience, I would have to say that it is easier for girls to be friends with other girls than guys being friends with other guys, and I’m a girl.

Two reasons. School and personality.

I go to a high school where the majority are girls, so I feel like it is bound to happen that more female friend groups pop up than guy groups. Yes, of course there are male friend groups, but I’ve noticed that the female friend groups somehow clicked together a little bit more than the male friend groups. Some male friend groups included girls, so the amount of close male friend groups decreases.

Throughout my life, I have had more female friends than male friends because I can click with girls better than boys somehow. Not because I am a feminine necessarily, but I do have a soft(ish), sensitive personality which could be the reason why I have more female friends. When I hung out with girls, I noticed that there was a big sense of community, friendship and loyalty with them. They had so much spirit and happiness when they were together, way more than I see with guy groups, even though I don’t have many male friends.

Also, maybe it’s because I watch a lot of shows with females as the protagonists, but I always see the friendship and dedication with female friend groups and not as much with male groups (not saying there aren’t any though). I really don’t know why exactly, but I wish I could see the same amount of dedication with male groups, but again, I could be wrong.

Also, women are starting to be less judgemental towards each other (not completely but more frequent) and there is a lot of support that goes on between them, at least from my own life/entertainment experience. With men, I just don’t see the support in friendships as much, it’s more like the guys in a guy friend group are competing with each other on something they want to have/like with lack of support.

Long story short, if you ask me, women seem to be better at making friends then men. Apologies if I sound too ignorant or got anything wrong, and again, this is just from MY experience. It might be different from you.
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