119th LOH! The Unforgettable Experience

I would say I'm part of those that are privileged to grow under the love and care of their parents, my childhood and adolescent stage was amazing and likewise comfortable. I had almost all I needed, I don't have to worry or work to support myself on what to eat or wear cause my parents are there to provide everything I needed with the condition that I must follow their instructions and also behave well at home and wherever I find myself.


My primary school days was great being a Teacher's daughter, I enjoyed lots of preferential treatments couple with strict monitoring from Mom who was also a teacher in my school. I never knew my enjoyment won't last long, I thought my parents will enrolled me into a secondary school near my home to further my education, I never knew they had another plan for me. After my primary school the real journey started, I was enrolled in a secondary school far away from home in which I had to take public transport.

Imagine, an 11 year old girl to board public transport all by herself to school, at first I thought it was a joke. But when I was admitted to the school and given necessary materials needed for studies then I realized that my period of enjoying Mom's care is over and I have to fend for myself. I can categorically say I left my comfort zone at age 11, I had to board public transport and pass through major busy roads to get to school.

At the beginning I didn't like it at all, been in a new environment for school with no friends and I mustn't loss my transport fare because the proximity of my school to my house isn't trekkable at all. Going to school in the first 2 weeks was crazy, getting up very early to prepare and also get bus to school wasn't easy, I'm always late and there is punishment for lateness.

I cried bitterly and pleaded with Mom to help me talk to Dad to change his decision but all fall to deaf ears, it was then that I encouraged myself and made up my mind to adapt to it. Then I buckled up and became an expert in catching early morning buses and was smart to the extend that throughout my 6years stay in secondary school I only misplaced my transport fare once.

This unforgettable experience helped to increase my boldness and smartness, it also helped me develop social skills, explore the world, make decisions and solve problems on my own, I also got to know new places to the extent that I will be telling Dad if he noticed something in a particular area when he was coming home from work or whenever someone ask for a description before you finish talking I would have told you how the place looks including the inscriptions there. I also helped my mom made a deposit in the banking hall by myself for the first time while I was in Junior school 3 cause the bank isn't far from my school.

The experience had made me developed greatly and has also thought me never to hid under anyone's influence. I'm independent and can easily adapt to changes in environment outside my comfort zone. From my school days till now that I'm working as a government teacher in a rural area far away from my home, adapting to the environment didn't take me too long because this isn't the first time I would leave my comfort zone.

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