A Christmas Dessert. LoH#161

Hello everyone, it is great to write in this community again and I am so much excited about the topic chosen by @elizabethbit it is a topic that would bring so many people to share the joy they gas in Christmas and to prepare their minds for another round of fun and joy in the coming Christmas celebration.


During the festive celebrationI and my family usually visit our family house, buwheneverer we decide to stay at our place for the celebration, we always have this culture to have enough food on ground and also some delicious dessert that we snack on when we don't want to have food.

There is this dessert called "Wara Gbeske" in my language, this snack is made with soybeans and it is very nutritious, aside from it being a snack there is something that we do that makes it more delicious, we do make it from scratch and even though it takes a lot of times it is very much delicious.

The preparation of this is not hard but it takes time,

-We firstly select out the first from the soybeans and then wash it in water to rinse off the sand

-Next we take it to a mill for it to be grinded, or it can be blended with a strong blender because it needs to be smoothly grinded.

-Next we pot it into a pot and boil with fermented pap water until we get the milky part out and put it in a cheese cloth to harden.

-So from here you can decide to either fry in in vegetable oil or boil it in a pot of tomato sauce

For me I like to do it in the two ways because my husband doesn't like the fried part, this dessert is one that I usually look to prepare when I am home with my family, and I don't mind the time I spend in preparing this, it is the joy on my kids face that I love so much and would always love to see.

But when we are at our family members houses, we usually get to eat a lot of cakes, this is because my sister-in-law does cakes, as in she is a baker and so when we are all around we join her in preparing the cake, I always look forward to this cake making day.

My sister in law always engage everyone to participate in this, I like whisking the sugar and butter part, and she said that was the main part of the cake and I feel sine joy when she tells me I should learn how to bake. But nah, I haven't gotten the time the time yet to do so.


My sister in law signature dessert for Christmas is her red velvet cake, and she does this one without the help of anyone, she says that it doesn't require much hand, but sometimes I stay and watch how she mixes everything and how red the cake comes out to be.

My kids always like forward to his time because they eat so much cake to their satisfaction, but though I still love my own traditional dessert and that is the "Wara Gbeske"

Thank you for reading here, and this is my entry to the ladies of hive contest week #161

See you in my next post❤️❤️

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