Part 2: My Journey through PCOS(Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) Diagnosis and Treatment

Today is going to be more emotional because this story is about my personal experiences. I am wondering how many tears I wasted on this problem of mine for about four years now. This has brought such depression to me but later on, I realized that there are so much more hills I have to climb and more tomorrows to wait. With the process, I started to accept things that are not meant for me and let the days run through them. My interactions with my friends through social media and did some research gave me HOPE that the perfect time is allotted for me, it's just not yet arrived. If you wanted to connect this second part of my story on my journey of having a PCOS, you can easily read part one of this. Why did I decide to continue this despite I am hurting every time I am reminded? well, I don't want to be greedy of my experiences and knowledge to share with my fellow women here in @ladiesofhive. I think this is the perfect community to promote awareness of this kind of issue. This is now becoming a problem for most women. Since I am a member of another group of women who suffered the same as mine. They are roaring for hopes and asking the assistance of what they should do for them to fight PCOS. I am happy to see how women responded and trying to help one another to share their stories too. So I am asking for your time to be with me today so that you can share this to your circle of friends that this is not a joke but a serious one.

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I took this photo of mine on my second visit to my Doctor in OB-GYNE. I have not mentioned in my previous post that my doctor is from my country and city too. It is easy to have a conversation with her using our own dialect which is "Bisaya". I was quite nervous at this time because this was the day that I am scheduled for a TVS(Transvaginal ultrasound). At that moment, I thought to myself that I don't care how much money I am going to spend on this journey. I just wanted to know about my condition and what are the possible treatments that I must undergo to fight PCOS. It was a difficult journey for me to conquer it alone. I decided to keep it from my family and friends that I visited the clinic because I was too scared of what will be the result. A week before this, my doctor prescribed me medicines in order for me to do cleansing since I got a yeast infection which is a normal case for women. That is why I decided to consult a doctor because it was 5 months since I haven't menstruated and I felt some pain in my lower left hip.


By the moment I entered the doctor's room, I started feeling cold and my heart beats so fast. Thanks to her assistant an Indian nurse who is so comfortable to talk with and very friendly as well. When I was with my sister and did her ultrasound the whole four corners of the room were totally dark but I was surprised in my experience because all the lights are on. When the nurse told me that I should now start removing my clothing on the lower part, I was shaking, literally shaking because it was my first time and I was not expecting it at all. My doctor assured me that I should not be worried because she was used to it and it's a normal job for her. If you are curious about how do I feel when it was inserted, there is no pain at all. You can just feel its coldness. At this time, my doctor told me that my uterus is fine. It is healthy and normal but she checked on my left ovary, she found the tiny polyps. After the session, we went back to her office, and there, she drew this to me and explained what is going on inside my ovaries. She had explained to me about ectopic pregnancy, how the egg ovulates, and its process.

I felt sad upon knowing this but my doctor motivates me that there is nothing to worry about as long as I will follow the proper prescriptions. She even shared some stories about how her other patients were successfully made it. I just love the way she encouraged me at that time at least it can ease my worry about my condition. My doctor even asks my lifestyle, relationship, and work for her to know more about what made it cause. These are the following advice she told me to do:

  • Eat more healthy green vegetables.
  • Do exercise and lose weight.
  • Avoid overthinking and stress.
  • Sleep as early as you can.
  • No sweets, fats, and sodas to be taken.
  • Take the correct medications.


I went to the pharmacy and bought all the medicines that were given to me. As far as I remember, it took me four pharmacies to buy everything because not every single store has the said medicines. I know that this cost me a lot but I am ready to face my battle. So my advice, if you have the determination to undergo this process, first you must have an allotted budget for this because you have to pay for the check-ups, laboratories, medicines, and more. This will not happen for a month but it is continuous until you will get pregnant. By the way, before I will forget it. My doctor gave me two options for this treatment. First, if I will be fertile, got menstruation and be pregnant or just to have regular menstruation but not to be pregnant.


These are some of the medications that I need to take. The purpose of taking metformin is to control my sugar level. Don't you know that this type of medicine is taken by a diabetic person? That's why my doctor advised me not to take a lot of sugary food because it can trigger my PCOS. Next, the M2-TONE is a tablet that is to help me to have a healthy uterus. This is made of herbal tablets. I was not the only one who is taking the medicine but my partner as well because the doctor said that both should have a healthy cell for us to create an egg. In the mid-month of our medications, we can now start seeing the differences in our discharges. It became more clear and crystal.


I started to change my lifestyle. I bought lots of healthy fruits and vegetables. Actually, it was really on a heavy diet. I went to the gym for exercising and followed whatever suggestions given by my doctor. It was a great feeling to see how serious and passionate I am to make this successful. It was not easy at first because the food and things you used to have were replaced with something new. With the cooperation of myself, I was now having regular menstruation and can feel the differences between having a heavyweight to lightweight.


I was under 3 months of medication. I did lots of counting on this process because there are specific days when to take the medicines and when I should not take the medicines. On the first process, by the time I will have menstruation, there will be medicines that are good for 7 days in counting. Next, there are days or weeks as well for me to know when to do the romance because it's the time that I am fertile or ovulating. Even though the doctor told me that I should not stress myself and overthink but I am experiencing it because I am worried if I did it the wrong way.


Sad to say I did not make it because I stopped my medication. It was the opposite of my expectations. I gained more and more weight. I had acne break out which I hated the most. I think this has been the side effect of my medication. I was not kind of happy with the way it resulted because it gave me another problem to solve. Having acne dragged me down and decreases my confidence to talk with people or socialize because I am too shy to face them. I felt sorry to myself that I failed this time. It took me a half year before I recovered again a new clear skin on my face. It caused me trauma because it was all scattering from face to my body.

Until now, I have not visited any doctor to have an update on my PCOS and it's been two years that I was not having menstruation but every time I do exercise, proper diet, and drinking apple cider vinegar then my menstruation will come. That's why now, I am trying to do some home remedies. I am now avoiding sodas and chips. I drink more water every day, sleep at 8:00-9:00 pm, and do 30 minutes or 1-hour exercise every day and because of those, I am not now experiencing the pain in my lower hip.

When do people ask me when are you going to have a baby? or still not yet come? I feel annoyed with this question because it will throw back all my memories about it. At this time, I don't want to stress myself more on it because it will just add more problems to my condition. As long as I am changing my lifestyle into fit and healthy then that is important. Don't worry ladies, soon I will let you know the perfect time for another journey about my story.

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