A leader or a follower? THE 54th EDITION of the LADIES OF HIVE COMMUNITY CONTEST

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Today is the fourth day of the week. I was kind of worried because I thought I cannot join the 54th contest here in @ladiesofhive. My apology for being late because this week I went to the city twice that covers about 2-3 hours in travel and finally I am done processing my personal documents. Before I will start, I would like to say thank you @ladiesofhive for the tokens and 1 hive I received last time. I just wanted you to know that I am thankful for it and it means so much to me to be acknowledged here in this community. When I read the questions, I was a bit challenged because I have to choose what's the MOST and which side I am going to. To be a LEADER or a FOLLOWER? sounds interesting. Before I will forget, thank you also to @saffisara for these questions.

What is the MOST important thing you ALWAYS carry with you, and why?

1. Mosquito Net

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Photography by @missdonna

As far as I remember, I was in my kindergarten when I started my obsession. During the old times, especially in the Filipino Culture. People were used to having their mosquito net. Since we are not that rich enough to buy an air conditioner or more electric fan so we rather use it and it helped a lot for us not to get stung by insects or mosquitoes. This happened when we were about to go to sleep and by accident, my feet were played on the net, and started to rub it then it's the beginning of my addiction or known as habitual action.

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Photography by @missdonna

This is my precious mosquito net or we called this here as "Mosquitero".It has been my partner of crime. I will not just always carry it but "I cannot LIVE without it".If I am at home just like now while typing my blog I am rubbing my feet on it. If I am teaching online, I have it on the ground. Wherever I go, I am taking it. When I went abroad, I was worried because I don't have any idea if there are shops there selling like this the way I can buy it easily in my country and my thought came true. When it was ripped off so badly, my sister brought me a new one through courier from the Philippines to the United Arab of Emirates. Can you imagine how far it travels just to satisfy my needs?



Well, it's not only me but the rest of my sisters too. It's quite funny, right? As you can see in the picture, we were sharing the net together. I know some of you can relate to this. Some people will find it too weird but they don't know the feeling of having it. I just feel so good and relaxed. Among the three, I am the most obsessed because I am always finding or seeking the real mosquito net while the two of them can simply rub their feet on the bedsheet, pillows, or blanket. I could still recall when we had our vacation to another state and I left my precious mosquitero. Even if it will take me more time to come back, I will do it because what's the sense of going to a beautiful place then at night I cannot sleep?. I think this will be forever in my life. My mother challenged me before when I was in primary. She hides it. I was just crying and crying the whole afternoon. Since my mother has a soft heart and realized that it's really important to me so she decided to give it back to me in the end.

2. Water Bottle

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Way back in my childhood and teenage life, I am fond of eating sweets, salty, and fatty foods but everything was changed by the time I suffered pain in my lower back hip. When I realized it's getting worst so I and my sister decided on an internal medicine check-up and we found out that I have 3 small kidney stones. I was sad to know about it and this reminds how my mother died because of her diabetes and kidney complications. My doctor advised me to drink lots of water every day because there will be a possibility it will release the stones naturally without taking any medicines unless it's complicated and that's where the operation will be functional.

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Photography by @missdonna

Listening to the advice of my doctor gave me a proper cleansing of my body organs. I can feel the difference between lacking water than drinking more water. It's been 3 years now that I don't feel any pain every single day. It was an opener to me on how to take care of myself since my body is the main asset to work and without it, I think I cannot do these things right now. Because of the change that was instilled in me, I became a collector of water bottles. My fiance will get mad sometimes every time we went to the shopping mall because I am not into clothes nor shoes but I will go directly to the dining area and enjoy picking water bottles to buy. If I do blogging for 2-3 hours, I can finish two big water bottles to drink. Please give me a chance to promote to everyone that we must not forget to drink water as it can save LIFE

3. Lucky Charm: Faithfulness

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Photography by @missdonna

This is a small replica of Sto.Nino is a miraculous boy from the church of Cebu, Philippines. Before anything else, I would like to clarify that it is not my intention to debate or change the beliefs of everyone here about Religious topics this is just based on my experiences. Thank you in advance for your respect and consideration.

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This is a special gift from my closest friend. It's been with me for years now. Aside from having a mosquito net, I also put these lucky charms of mine inside my bag. By this, I feel safe and guided on the right pathway in life. Each of us has our own story to tell, history to share, and beliefs to believe in. My heart and soul are in comfort if I will bring it wherever I am going. This symbolizes as safety of my journey to avoid unnecessary events in life.

Are you a leader person or a follower, and why do you think that is?

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I spent hours thinking about this question. I sorted things out to balance what once defined me. If I want to be a leader, I cannot lead without my followers and if I will be a follower, I cannot be successful if nobody leads or guide us. Now, I will not choose something just because the power between the two differs from each other or just because I like the other one. I tried to analyze how I experienced it for years and worked on me.

I am a LEADER person by purpose and with good intentions. I became a Leader not because I wanted it but it's because people chose me for that position.

I was a Team Leader twice in two Departments in College. It's College of Engineering and College of Business and Accountancy. I was part of the University of Cebu (Civic Welfare and Training Service). My team was composed of 7 Facilitators and each facilitator has 40-50 students in a class. Our goal is to visit a community, sight their problems or concerns and that's the time our team will plan a project on how we can serve the community. It was a great experience with my lead that we won lots of awards in the competition.

I became the Vice-President of all English majors in the Department of Education in our University. It's a good feeling that we were united as one. We have positive goals and aim for success for everybody. I believe with my leadership, I can give confidence to individuals that they are capable of everything. I provide equality by giving them chances to show what they've got, hear their ideas and feelings. My quality as a leader is not molded with wrong power and selfishness but it's more in kindness, respect, consideration, dreams, and love.
There are some people who are still lost and finding their missing piece and I want to be there to fill it. Sometimes it takes a good leader to encourage everyone that we must do an action for the benefit of each and every one.

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I invite my fiance's cousin @jhunizza to join this fun and interesting contest created by @ladiesofhive.

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