Women who advocate for equity, diversity and inclusion. Competition #181

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It's about time we accept that women play an important role in all walks of life and should remove discrimination from every institution and field, advocating equity, diversity and inclusion.

It has been proven that women are no less than men in intelligence and competition, even sometimes they excel in it. So not providing them with equal opportunities is unfair to the whole group of a gender. In third world countries it is more difficult for women to prove themselves worthy of any job and despite working hard and giving their best they are underpaid and not given due right.

For centuries women have been limited to certain occupations like nursing or teaching and not deemed suitable for managerial posts or leadership qualities.

In most countries women can't be presidents or prime ministers or in any leadership roles. Although it has been proven that the women at higher posts have done better than men. I am not saying women are better than men but I believe that both genders have people of different intellectuals. Women have been involved with important discoveries and inventions throughout the history. Every one of us brings a unique perspective and strong commitment with us.

As a woman I raise my voice whenever I get the chance for our future generations of girls working in every field side by side with men without any discrimination to create a just and equitable world.

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