LOH Contest wk ||132 The Art of Appreciation: Nurturing Gratitude for Life's Little Treasures.

Hello everyone, welcome to LOH contest week #132
I'm not materialistic, so when it comes to having many things like bags, and clothes, just count me out.
I always say this I prefer to have one original product than thousands of fake, I guess that's why I have just a few things. well, part of the reason is I can't afford them yet too.
But there are some things I own, and whenever I look at them, I feel so happy, and it gives me joy whenever I use them. The funny thing is they're not expensive in any way. It just amazes me how an item would bring so much joy to someone.


This was my first ever bag I bought for myself. I got this bag for $17 and I've been using it for the past 3 years. I have other bags, but whenever I use this bag, it makes me so happy, I still remember the day I got it, and how hard I had worked for the money to get this bag
I got this bag when I was 18 yrs old turning 19 yrs and now I'm 21yrs old and as you can see, it looks new. I use it almost all the time.



I got this Nail clipper from my mom some years ago before she passed away as this was the last thing she gave me. I rarely use it, I know it's meant to be used. It gives me so much joy whenever I use or see it.
I lost this nail clip last year in December, and I cried for more than a week, all I could think of was it. How could a small nail clip occupy so much space in my heart? I found it some weeks later. It was one of the best feelings in the world.
There are some things we have that didn't cost us a fortune to own, but they are the ones that occupy the most space in our hearts.
Thank you for stopping by and reading my post.
You Rock😉❤

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