The Woman's Self-Defense Against Threats

Hello beautiful ladies of Hive, it's been a little while I stop by here with a post entry for the community's prompt topic but I couldn't stay away when I saw this week's topic, special thanks to @irenenavarroart for this brilliant and concerning topic.

Women are weaker vessels, so I read from the Bible. It doesn't mean, woman should lie weak when faced with any kind of threats especially one that would cause harm to their physical and emotional self. And so, having all women become aware that this could happen anytime even though we pray it never happens, it is important to prepare ourselves.

The topic is an interesting one and I'd love to invite anyone interested to share their own tips to check it out too.


As a lady, I would say I'm among the lucky ones that haven't been through much threats unlike what I hear women go through everyday in different places. I can't say I am well prepared for face serious threats since I've never imagined it happening to me but from studies and learning from others experience, I can see myself avoiding as much situations like that as possible.

I have an aunt who I would say is very much ready to face and overcome threats from how she reacts to mild situations that many would normally feel scared or very down about. Some of the habits my aunt has developed in preparing her self defense are what I'll share here as tips to us, her fellow women.

Being aware of your environment and the people in them: Do you know your environment, your neighbors? It's important you do so you can know when a stranger is around or among a crowd you're supposed to be familiar with. My aunt knows literally everyone in her neighborhood and I admire that about her. You don't have to be in a close relationship with all of them, just know when to say, a stranger is around.

Trust Your Instincts: I bet a lot of us have felt our instinct tell us what to do or to avoid and we do know what happens when we don't follow it and when we do. It is another way to prepare one's self defense to threats. Don't go where your instincts says you shouldn't, even though it might be wrong, first instincts tend to be more right most of the time. There are situations that would warrant us to listen and trust our instincts.


Present Yourself Confidently: Confident women are hard to oppress or assault, they appear to even be the threats to those who would have want to cause harm to them. Present yourself that way and keep it that way, don't let anyone intimidate you or let them sense any weakness from you. For this to work, you have to be more aware of yourself and remind yourself to always stay alert.

Say No and Mean It: In cases where a woman is already faced with a threat, it may be difficult to say no but when you want to and when you can, do not hesitate to say no. Make sure to mean it when you say no, it shows you know yourself, you are confident and you know what and how to go about a situation without their help.

Protect Your Personal Space: Not everyone is allowed to come into your personal space and by space, I mean, your every activity, your thoughts and your plans. Even though there are cases of being threatened by close family members, there are those we can keep closer and even be more protected rather than some who will take away our peace. Protect what you have by keeping it safe from too many people.

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