Singing - My Number One Passion

Some days ago, a friend of mine asked me a question "As a Lady, why did you chose blogging?" and surprisingly I didn't think hard to give an answer to that question, here is my answer.


Growing up, I loved to write a lot. I wrote stories and I also remember writing information to my class mates at school. I also remember messing up all my school notes with so many stories and my dad will yell at me because of that. He was never against me spending time to write stories but he was worried about where and where not to write those stories. I got my first story note to write my stories from my dad, I was so very happy that day, I started work immediately.

My family felt my passion for writing through the way I spent so much time on it and the joy I show whenever I shared some of my stories to whoever wishes to listen. Writing was my first passion and I always dreamed of making it big with it. And now, I get the chance to share my blog to audience who care to read and encourage me to become better.


"All these are a fulfillment to those days for me" I never had any of my stories published but my blogs never come back to me unread... That's something to be grateful for.

But that passion can't be compared to my number one passion - Singing

Singing is one thing I do that makes me feel the most happy, peaceful and satisfied.


I grew up in a family that loves music, loves to sing and also encourage whoever loves to sing. My siblings and I would sing every day - Mornings before or during our chores and nights before going to bed. The joy and smile we give whenever we sing together is always memorable, I can remember a time when we share some words to each other using songs and we would laugh over it.

My dad is our number one fan, sometimes he would call on us to sing so he could listen and we never fail on that... We're always ready to sing whenever. My dad and mum gave us full support in joining a singing group where we go for music competitions and also sing to God.

All these gave birth to the passion in me over and over again, I find myself singing both consciously and unconsciously. I sing when I'm down, sad and mostly when I'm happy. Singing is a part of me that would always be there even in my most distressed state.


Listening to music is part of my passion because I listen to grow my singing skills everyday, I hope to take it to a level where I'll get so many audience to hear my voice and feel the love of music through my voice.

  • Whenever I'm sad, I sing lively songs most especially my favorite songs and I feel Happy again.
  • Whenever I'm faced with some difficulty or stress, I sing calm songs that would make me Peaceful again.
  • Whenever I feel like my efforts are yielding nothing or little, I sing to assure myself that I'll be fine.

Singing and listening to music makes my life complete no matter what I may be facing, Singing Is My Number One Passion

This is my entry for the Ladies Of Hive Contest and I would like to invite @princessbusayo to also participate.

Thanks for reading!!!

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