She Got My Back No Matter What! (LOH #86)

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Who is the first person you would call when you are in trouble?

Reading this from the beginning may get you wondering why I chose to call this person when I'm in trouble after what she did to me but by the end of it, you will agree with me that she's just the person to call on when I'm in trouble.

Okay, firstly I'm the troublesome type so I don't actually get into real fights or quarrel then call on someone to come have my back. I'm talking about life troubles, when I'm sick and in need of advice kinda trouble. I'm sure every person gets into those kind of trouble or is it just me?

Well, when you say trouble time, my major trouble time is when I fall sick and that is the trouble I face almost all the time that I do call on someone. Not that I don't have a time I need advice, I do too.

In a time I'm in need of advice, I would always call on my sister or a very close friend of mine. They would always come through for me. I always feel better venting to them what I'm going through even if not all the time, they just kind of get through my challenge and help me reduce the weight on me with comforting words.

When I'm in major trouble...

And that is when I'm sick. You might just guess I do call a doctor in a hospital or a health care giver but not really. Well, she's a nurse but I did call her whenever long before she became a nurse and that is because she is just the right person to call on to me.

My Mum


I didn't grow up with her, one reason you'd wonder why I chose to call on her but here is the thing. She knows just exactly how I do feel when I'm sick or in pains. She feels my pain so well that sometimes I feel my pain go away so she's the first person I tell when I'm in pain.

I'm hardly close to her but I still dial her number first once I feel the pain is unbearable, she would suggest ways for me to get through it while she tries to calm me down and remind me that the pain will go away. I always trust her and loved to hear her voice, they calm my system like magic... I still wonder how that happens really.

When I'm with her and I start to feel pain... She comes to my rescue like an angel or should I say a designed life saver for me alone. She would give me both physical and mental medications that gets me stronger in no time.

I remember a time when I thought it was the end for me because the pain just couldn't go away, I felt my strength leaving me by every minute, it was hell for me at that time. I was surprised to see my mum shed tears, I thought to myself "The only one I rely on is in tears, I've got to get better" and that was it, she was my life saver again but without saying a word.

Ever since then and till tomorrow, my mum would be the first person I'll call when I'm in trouble. She is also a great advice giver to me, telling me more about life than I had ever known, she solves most of my problems with almost no effort from her... She's my magic!

This is my entry for the Ladies of Hive Contest and I would like to invite @nkemakonam89 to join in the contest.


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