LOH Contest #101 - My Beautiful Strong Woman

Hello Ladies!

It's almost weekend and I've been having a great week, I hope it's same for you all. Special thanks to the lady who brought up this beautiful question which I'll be responding to and I'll also love to thank all the ladies who kept reminding to send in my entry.

Hey @dimmablogs and @hopestylist you two should come share your own response to one or both of the questions on the LOH Contest I would love to read yours.

I will be responding to the second question...

Let's talk about a resilient woman, it can be your friend, family member, co-worker, etc. What is her life challenge and what did she do to overcome the trial she faced?

When I saw this topic, I didn't think much on who in my life this special woman is and how resilient she is about life and all it's challenges. I have my mum and she sure does have a lot of stories to show that she is a resilient woman too but I'll love to write about another lady whom I admire so much and how strong she is.

Like the title says, I refer to her as "My beautiful strong woman" because that is who she really is.


Mrs Rita Yelemu, my favourite aunt from my mum's relative, the wife of a navy officer and a very good businesswoman. Those are just a few obvious knowledge about her but I've lived with her for more than a year and I can say she is way stronger than she looks and she is a motivation to any who would look and study how she lives.

I can remember like it happened yesterday when she was still schooling and not married, she was a good definition of a manager. Grandma (her mum) couldn't afford all she needed but she found her way around all that by planting and harvesting crops to sell which she used to foot her bills in school.

She fell in love and her family had a long grumble about the man she was deciding to get married to as they thought he wasn't right for her. Well, to cut the long story short, she got married to the man regardless of all they said and they had their first kids, three girls.


Having three girls with no male child became another stumbling block for the couple as they began to have pressure from their relatives. It wasn't so obvious but I could understand how sad my aunt was about it. But one thing I loved so much about her during this trying times, she never for once felt like her daughters weren't enough for her.

Her daughters are so bright and intelligent, she made sure to care for their needs and make them comfortable. They are the major reasons she goes off to business early and come back late, she made sure to get assistance where needed but it's almost like she does the whole work of child and home upbringing herself.

Well, after a few years of accepting her happy life with her girls and her loving husband (there were other challenges but she overcame them like they were nothing), she got pregnant.


Yes! She got a really handsome little man and I can still remember very well the jubilation in the house that day. Well, here's the sad part about having this baby.

She gave birth well and good but after delivery, she had complications and everyone was on their toes to preserve her life. I actually never felt like I was going to loss my aunt but the whole situation kept trying to make me loss faith in my belief.

A lot was spent, thanks to her amazing ability to save and her husband who's ever supporting, she was healed and got back home to her kids. There are kids who aren't able to get breast milk, my little cousin is one of them because of the complications my aunt (his mum) had. But it didn't change much, the little man is a foodie and he eats his kids meals so well.


This woman here! She's not just this beautiful now, she's stronger and has a lot of story to tell. I also call her mother of nation because of her hospitality spirit, just anyone is welcomed to her home and she would treat you like a family. You would never guess what's she's going through if you don't get close. She's a fashionista, I love that so much about her too and she's very caring.

I won't be able to say all about her but believe me when I say she is more resilient than she look.

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