My first publication in Hive




I was advised to post here because this is a community of ladies around the world who support each other. I hope I will be interesting enough for you and you can guide me on how to develop as a user. I am a brand new user.

I came across Hive as a challenge from my friend who gave me a link to sign up and said:

  • Come and see me now!!! - find me I'm there. I thought it was another joke on her part, but I was very surprised and impressed how many women share a piece of their lives.

To begin with, I started reading and looking for communities that I liked so I could write in them. As well as guidance and advice from articles for new users like me. It's all so much in the way of information,that I will need time to make sense of it and put it into practice.

I am inquisitive by nature I have many interests, some of them are - reading about different places in the world, I love Nature and everything related to it. I see that Hive gives you the opportunity to express yourself in a different and unique way.

I hope to find users here with similar interests to me, and make many new friendships. As well as meet users who know more than me and can guide me on what I need to do to be successful on Hive!

See You Soon!

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