Going through the ladies of hive contest, then there is this topic that grabs my attention, which is” what’s something you could teach me about”, then a topic pop into my head which is “self-esteem”.

I will be teaching everybody, how to build balanced self-esteem. Firstly, what's the meaning of self-esteem? Self-esteem means how much you love and appreciate yourself, regardless of the circumstances you are in. Are you the type that doesn't place value on yourself? Because you think you are not worthy to be placed value on. You blame yourself when things go wrong or always think other people are better than you, then you have low self-esteem which is very bad. When you have confidence, about who you are, and what you can do it mean you have low self-esteem.

Okay, let's talk about how to balance your self-esteem.

  •Go for things you think you can’t do.

Are you the type that hates challenges, and difficult situations? You should try those challenges and do things you think you are not capable of doing, for you are capable, and see how good you are.

 •Your physical health matters, so learn to improve it.

People with low self-esteem often neglect themselves because they do not feel they deserve self-care attention. You improve physical health by giving enough attention to yourself, eating well, treating yourself out, going for exercise and taking time to relax.

•Move with people that show you love

This means, building positive relationships, and avoiding negative ones. There are people, that will never appreciate you or see good in what you do no matter what. They are negative people, and a person that values his or her self-esteem should stay away from such people.

 •Learn to say no

You were asked to do things, you are not comfortable with, and you feel like you should just do it to avoid problems, or because you don't want to say no, because of what people will say. Take that out of yourself, and start saying “no” to things you don't feel like doing because that will improve your self-esteem.

Every individual must learn to say positive affirmations to themselves. Are you the type that says to yourself “ I can't do that “ or “I am not good at that job” you should stop that, and start saying “I can do that and “I am good at that job”. With that, you improve your self-esteem.

I hope this will help everyone dealing with low self-esteem.
Thanks to ladiesofhive for this contest and @saffisara for this question. I invite @dimmablogs to participate .

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