I know most people came to hive with the mindset that as soon as they join they will be making a lot of money from it but as soon as they join and they are not getting rewards or upvotes on their posts the way they wanted they felt discouraged and wanted to quit and some quit without thinking twice or stay motivated to thrive on hive.

Let’s not talk about those people that have to join hive and left because of the reason they are not getting more upvotes and they felt more unhappy when they see other people on hive getting the desired upvotes they wanted for their selves or on their account on hive.

But my advice to any hivers today that don’t want to stay active on hive anymore either because the coin is low,he or she doesn’t get upvotes, or only a few people read their posts I will say you are about to make a mistake that you shouldn’t do.

Giving up should never be an option and if you want something you should hold in there till you achieve the desired results you want and I will say the best time to stay active on hive is now because you will be getting more HP and it’s easy to increase your hive power now than when the coin is high.

I will also suggest that those that think they can’t make the time to write on hive because of busy schedules shouldn’t let that stop them because they can start posting thrice a week and use the remaining days they are not writing to engage with other hivers on the blockchain because engagement is the key to success on hive. When you get to mingle and relate with people they will make your path on hive smooth and lead your way to greatness. And about the engagement, you can start by devoting 10 minutes to 15 minutes of your time to engagement every time you are less busy.

Contest! contest! contest!
You have a reputation of 52, below or more and if you want to increase it or thrive on hive it’s better you join many contests in different communities as you can and I am very sure that will help you to thrive on hive. For example, a community like Hivelearners hold a contest every week and they do have three topics to write about for the week . if you can join the contest and meet their rules and regulation your content may be upvoted by them and if possible you win you will get your rewards in hive or Ecency points. So, the best to do is to join community prompts or contests and work your way to success.

In conclusion to my words, I will say people you meet on hive today that have a high reputation and a lot of dollars in their wallet start from somewhere and they didn’t get to that success point in just a day so the better is to start today and never think of giving up no matter the situation that you may find yourself.

I hope all that I have said helps someone that is planning to give up on hive.

Thanks you for reading to the end.

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