Travelling is part of education and it’s a good thing to travel around the world because we get to see how things work in the country we visited and how they do things differently from the country that we base.

A lot of people have the goals to travel to at least 20 countries for a vacation to enjoy their life or to further their education and it’s also my passion to travel outside my country Nigerian one day for vacation.

If possible the opportunity to travel this year to a place or country that I have never been to before comes I will travel to Dubai.

Dubai is a city and emirates in the United Arab Emirates which can be called UAE in short and the country Dubai is the third richest country in the world. Its official language is Arabic but there are many variations prevalent in the city and I heard the city is known for luxury, entertainment and modern architecture. I have seen videos and pictures of people that visit there and I have been convinced that it’s a beautiful place and a suitable place for enjoyment and relaxation. Dubai has a lot of gigantic buildings and all of them are beautiful for the eye to watch.

So if I happen to visit Dubai what will I be doing there?

My passion or what I want to go to do in Dubai is for vacation as I have said earlier and what I will be doing there is enjoying my life and visiting some fun and lovely places in the country. Desert safari is one of the fun places I will like to visit when I go to Dubai and yes places like Dubai mall, Dubai miracle garden, global village and a lot more fun places.

I will make sure I took a lot of pictures of myself when I went to visit Dubai for vacation and will make sure I connect with people that come there because I love making new friends. yes, I won’t forget to take a lot of pictures with all the people I connect with because that’s the fun of a vacation.

Thank you for reading to the end.

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