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We have all at one-time experience stress and being overwhelmed during holidays because there is always a busy time or when there is not enough time to get what you have to do fast. During holidays in my home, it’s always a busy time and everyone is always occupied. if care is not taken you will be stressed and won’t even have time to enjoy the holiday.

Ladies of hive brought another amazing question this week and I will be answering question two(2) which is:

2️⃣ What is your formula for managing stress and becoming overwhelmed, if you've experienced it, during the holiday season?

The first on my list is to take a cold bath and take my time to rest
I manage stress by taking a bath and giving time to rest because after I do that I will be relieved of any stress I have passed through and I will sure feel whole again which means I will be more strong and better. Doing this I tend to pay proper attention to my health and you see that sleep I always have it when I should and won’t ever suffer myself and my body on that.


I always do what I can do and you can’t get me forced into doing things.
There are times my friends will start buying clothes for the Holiday season and they will ask me to do the same. It’s not bad but I like doing things according to my budget. If you are a person that feels like you don’t have the best dress for Christmas because a friend of yours says that or you see others buying new dresses and you want to do the same because everyone is and not because you want, then it’s time I let you know you are good the way you are and for you not to get overwhelmed over that stuff is just to learn and appreciate what you have and enjoy the Holiday season with what you have. If you can do this and have this positive mindset then you will surely be stress-free and enjoy your Holiday.

I Prepare ahead for the Holiday season
This is one of the best formulae for reducing stress and being overwhelmed during the holiday season because when you prepare and get everything you need during Christmas down already before that very day then the stress won’t be much for you and you will just have a little to do on the holiday season.

I stay healthy and strong by eating good food.
Yes, taking healthy food into your body helps reduce stress because your body will be strong and you won’t feel weak easily. So, my advice it’s we should all learn to eat healthy food in our bodies because health is wealth.

Thanks for reading to the end.

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