Having watched a lot of Korean movies it’s not surprising seeing ghosts possess people and make them do a lot of crazy stuff they won’t have done if they happen to be in their right senses.

I watch some movies days ago where a ghost doctor possesses an internship doctor and operates on a person that has a fatal accident which only can be done by a professional doctor and someone with great skills in operation and not just an internship doctor. The person being operated on by the ghost doctor would have died if the person that operates on him hadn’t been possessed because no one at that hospital at the moment can help with the situation at hand but the ghost doctor came through and the man was saved.

So what if I am a ghost and could possess people, what will I make them do?

This is amusing to me I must say because that’s a great power to have as a person and I will likely use it for things that are of benefit to me and everyone.

Being a ghost and being able to possess people I will possess the rich to do great things for the poor. You know those people that are in government and can make the country good with just them doing good deeds but are not doing things right. Why not possess them to do those good things and make people in the country happy?

They are a lot of different people in the world today who have skills and talents that could benefit the world which they know they do but they are not making use of it. I am going to possess them and made them make good use of their special abilities.

Being a ghost I have the power to be everywhere anytime and make people do things I want by possessing them😊.

A lot of patients are in the hospital today being denied treatment because they can’t afford hospital bills😢. I will have to possess those doctors there and treat the patients.

A friend of mine was rushed down to the college hospital some days ago to get treatment but she was not attended to because she did not bring her college hospital card along and that very moment I wish I could do something by slapping the doctor that was supposed to attend to her or blow some powder on him. But thinking about it now I wish I could possess him to attend to my friend. After not getting treatment that day, I and my friend have to go back home to get her hospital card before she was attend to and if the situation was bad then she could have died or made her sickness get worse.

Making people do the right things they should have done at the right time in the right place will be my priority if I happen to be a ghost.

This is my entry to @Ladiesofhive contest and if you wish to participate you will find the details here.

Thanks for reading to the end.

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