LOH CONTEST#104 -The change in the world has it done more harm than good ?

Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing great. If so, glory to God. It's another new day to write and share my thoughts on what I know😊.

Reading ladies of hive contest topic for this week and reading the last question which is “20 years ago, what did you remember as a woman-vs-what is happening in the world today. One memory and what the change has been either positive or negative”.

The topic is amazing and it's an avenue for everyone to share their experience in life and use it to judge how life or things are now. Though 20 years ago I can say I am still a baby as of then. But the stories my grandmother shared with me and my siblings when we visit her narrate how things works 20 years ago.

Twenty years ago I learnt that less than half of the world's population lived in urban areas but now 55% of people live in urban areas and the internet has changed the way we do things.

It's hard to imagine a world without the internet today because the world is now digital and a lot of people are learning digital skills but it wasn't the case 20 years ago.

Today, the internet has transformed our lives, from the way we communicate to how we consume news. In short, social media has taken over because 20 years ago it was hard to see people using social media or making use of phones but presently now things have changed and 99% of people in the world make use of social media.

Another thing that change over the years is technology and it has made life easier, faster, better and more fun. Technology improves people's lives in many aspects. It's easier to go to work and performed household chores because there are various gadgets and equipment that help people do some work and live their life conveniently. For instance, presently most people use a grinding machine to make pounded yam which is a typical Nigerian swallow food that is supposed to be pounded on mortal making use of a pestle.

After talking about the positive change the world has done what about the negative? Presently now there are people that social media and technology affect their lives because they didn't use it the way they are supposed to and a lot of people are addicted to social media that they don't have time to do what they are supposed to do at a particular time because of the effects of social media on them.

So, should we say now say the changes in the world over the past 20 years have done more harm than good? Everyone's opinion is needed, so you all can comment your opinion. Well, to me it has done more good than harm.

This my entry to ladies of hive weekly contest and I invite @jmis101 @temmylade, and @glorydee to participate you guys will find the details of the contest here.

Thanks for reading.

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