L0H CONTEST #100-you can never fall into romance scams if you read this.

There are a lot of scammers all over the world right now and the most embarrassing of them young teenagers are going into it as a business. In my country Nigeria, a lot of young guys are into romance scams and it’s called (yahoo) here. Most of those guys are been supported by their families and the people around them. Lots of girls are flocking around them because they know they will provide them with all they want from the money they get from scamming people.

Some months back, my Facebook account was hacked by a scammer, this person message a friend of mine and told her he needs money, this friend of mine ask for his account details but the mistake the scammer did was sending her his account details, then my friend was suspicious and tried to video call but he wasn’t replying her. Then she called me directly with my phone number that’s with her, then she get to know I wasn’t the one and that’s how she avoid been scammed.

What are romance scams?
Romance scams are when an individual pretends to be in love with someone with the mind of getting money or properties, from him or her.

What can you do to avoid being a victim of romance or dating scams online?

•Get to see the person you are talking to.
You are in an online relationship with a person, and you haven’t seen the person physically, and you call that one dating? Are you joking, or you are being serious? This was a question I ask one of my friends days back. How could you say you are in a relationship with someone and all you can show me are his pictures alone?

This is a red flag, and we should run from that kind of relationship because it’s not secure being into it and that person may likely be a scammer.

Don’t send money
Don’t ever send money. I repeat don’t ever, in fact, you should stay away immediately from anyone who asks you for money online,most of them are fakes and not genuine.

Do an image search
You get to meet a person online, and all you could think of is how nice his conversations are and not if the images he uses in his profile and social media page are real. You should send the picture image of the person to anybody you know if they know the person or if they have seen the picture elsewhere because most romance scammers are mostly involved in using other people's images.

Don’t ever tell them how much you worth.
romance scammers focus on people that have money and not broke people. If you don’t want to fall into their victim don’t let them know your worth or your financial details.

Ask for a video of them doing something specific.
Why not ask the person that claims he or she is real from the picture they sent to you, a picture of them eating or dancing😂😂. Then you get to know if they are real or not.

I think with these few points of mine, I have been able to enlighten everyone on how to avoid romance scams online.

All thanks to @trangbaby for this week's contest questions. I invite @harnah12 to participate you will find the necessary details for the contest here

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