A letter to Me in 2019

Thanks to @livinguktaiwan for creating this thoughtful challenge and tagging me. Here is my letter to me in 2019.


Dear Me in 2019,

I am writing to tell you to enjoy each and every day of 2019. You can not begin to imagine how the world will change in 2020.

January and February will be normal and quite wonderful.


You will have all the kids and grandkids here for long weekends on several occasions, celebrating birthdays and cooking fun meals together and watching sporting events that are so much more exciting when the passionate sports fans in the family are all together. Many of those sporting events will not take place in 2020, or if they do, there will be no one in the stands watching live.

When you begin hearing about this new virus, and before you can even begin to understand it, the whole world will start shutting down, in ways you can not even imagine. The family will decide that our goal is for each of us to make it out of 2020 alive and that we must help each other take responsibility for our own safety. Job and school situations will change and everyone will struggle to adjust.

Your day to day life will not change greatly, but you have no idea what living alone and no longer driving a car will feel like in 2020. Texting with the kids and grandkids will become a lifeline to the outside world, as will all of the online friends who you will treasure even more in 2020.

Thankfully the health impact of the incurable autoimmune disease that causes your body to not function properly will not change dramatically in 2020, and that's a good thing because our doctors will be focused on people who have caught the virus, and you will want to stay away from health care facilities.

You will realize how you have taken for granted the help you received from the people who casually stop by when you no longer have anyone you can ask to reach something on the top shelf or carry something bulky that won't fit into the basket of the mobility scooter out to the garage. No one will be stopping by and you will learn to accept many inconveniences.

You will be thankful that you have already learned how to use the online apps for grocery shopping and restaurant food delivery, but you will need to prepare yourself for the fact that many of your favorite restaurants will not survive in 2020 and you will never get to enjoy meals in those places again.

You will be thankful that you live surrounded by nature, that you love to read, and that you have Hive to keep you connected to the world. And you will end 2020 alive and looking forward to once again having a houseful of the people that you love and realizing that you will never again take that for granted.


Me in 2020

Write a letter to yourself in 2019 and use the tag #mein2019. I am going to tag a few people to help get this started.

@farm-mom @redheadpei @quotes-haven @bashadow @coloneljethro and anyone else who wants to join in!

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