The Movie I saw last: LOH 132

Greetings dear ladies. Joining this contest, I will share with post on the second topic:

We are not always surrounded by people who share our same tastes or interests. Tell us what was the last movie, series, documentary or book that you have seen or read that you want to talk to someone about but have not had the opportunity.

One interesting thing about seeing a movie is having people who share the same taste and interest with you. This makes it a fun experience. As bad as it might sound, it is very true that we may not be opportuned to get surrounded by these people who share the same taste and interest as we do.

I have been in that shoe several times. My brother who is still in school shares this sweet taste for horror movies with me that we find so much pleasure seeing it together and whenever he is unavoidably absent due to the fact that he has returned to school. I will have to watch with keen interest and mindfulness to get all the central message and do the narration in a very very concise way whenever he returns for holidays.

The recent movie I watched is a South Korean TV series titled "Squid Game." When a friend recommended the movie to me, I doubted how scary it would be but my love for horror pushed me to check it out on Netflix and I must say, I didn't regret what I watched one bit.

Brief narrative of the series..

It opened with contestants who were invited to play deadly games and stand a chance of winning a surplus amount of money. Who wouldn't want to play a game for such a huge sum. I love the plot development, and the central message.

This TV series is one I really want to share with my brother but the opportunity to do so isn't there as he boards and returns only when the school session is over. During visiting days, we only send cash to the school's board master because our house is far from the school.

But not minding her these challenges. I have all the patience I need to gift him on the TV series when the right opportunity comes and that would be after the soon up begin WASSCE Examination

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