It's a beautiful thing to Grace a new day. Thanks be to our creator. Greetings to all ladies here in this community. For this week contest, I will be answering the second question:

What’s the most useful thing you own?

I never thought that one day I would respond to a question with this answer . Back then when I was young, I heard lots of weird stories from parents about how they won't get smartphones for their kids until they are mature or capable of getting it for themselves.

For me, the most useful thing I own is my smartphone. Am still grateful to the kind of friends I met and these friends are one reason that taught me lots of things. I can boldly say my smartphone is the useful thing I owe.

Backdating to 2020, I started all my life learning, unlearning and relearning with my Smartphone. It played an essential role in my life. All the digital skills I have acquired came as a result of my smartphone.

Everything I do that generates money for me comes from my phone. I work independently with my phone just as I will work in a physical office.

My smartphone has been part of my learning. I learn everything I want to learn with it. Digital skills, culinary skills to educational skills.

Few years back, my forex and crypto journeys were both learnt with my smartphone. The knowledge, classes and practices were all done with my smartphone then.

Then, still with my phone, once in a while, I learn new recipes either by buying culinary skills courses or using YouTube videos.

And Educational, all my academic researches are done successfully with my smartphone. Whenever I have academic work, with my phone, I do research on it and it's solved.

Being the majors of what my phone does for me. My phone also serves other purposes I doubt I would have been able to handle effectively. With inbuilt memory or MC, I can have my pictures, movies and music stored in my phone.

Just as the saying goes, you don't know the value of what you have until you lose it. Many people don't see their smartphones as important, they feel it's a material thing but for me it's more than just that. I find value in anything I make use of.

Smartphones perform functions from calling, texting, photographing,gaming and lots more. These are things converged together for one's accessibility through smartphones. Convergence has helped in serving costs. There will be no need of buying one device for a particular purpose, smartphones serve multiple purposes in a more advanced way.

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