LOH143 | Embracing Holiday Responsibilities with Joy

To enjoy a fun and enjoyable holiday for all. Members of the family, especially women, take on so many responsibilities to achieve that. I do remember my childhood days, when we once tried to work together as a family. The day prior to the departure date, my mom was busy arranging and rearranging. You dare not unzip any closed bag because zipping those bags causes lots of sweat to drip off. She makes sure everyone's belongings are packed.


I didn't grow up with my family and engage in so many holidays with them, so I will be talking about my own holidays and the things I take so much responsibility for when traveling. I doubt anyone will say packing is not the first thing on his or her mind when we have plans to travel. So once I want to travel for a holiday, the first thing I begin with is packing. I arrived with my bags two days before the event. I make sure I include all the clothes, toiletries, and other essential things I need for a smooth and convenient holiday.

Also, making adequate inquiries on logistics is a responsibility. Since prices fluctuate and one needs to book before the departure date. Making comparisons to Know which will convey me to my destination is a role to play without getting tired. I also make sure I plan my trip based on how many days, the food to consume on these days, and making sure I go with cash so I won't be left out during emergencies.

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