LOH Contest #133 - Inner Strength of Single Mothers

Greetings dear fellow ladies, going straight to the topic of the week, I will be sharing my thoughts on the first topic:

You don't have to be a single mother to share your thoughts on this, as we all must have seen or been close to one, if not been one. They are mothers too, but how different? Do you have any advice for them to keep pushing

Being a single mother is something that can be challenging and traumatizing if one is strong. I have lived with a single mother, and I have also heard numerous stories of single mums. Truth be told, the workload, sleepless nights, emotional support, stress among others are what raising a child alone can bring.

Also, in some countries, single mothers are made to feel they are alone and no one cares because they are so treated differently and seen to have brought a child out of wedlock. When they are stigmatized like this, it hurts so much. It is mostly challenging when one is a single mother and she is still living in her parents house.


It is always good to have empathy for these mother's as they are mother's like every other mothers.

There are few reasons why mothers are different. These include:

  1. The duty of raising a child loneliness as single mothers may not have the time to get along with friends.

  2. Making ends meet for single mothers can be a big deal. Bringing up a child alone is not easy, it comes with lots of household expenses such as buying diapers, milk, clothes, and other demanding items. Thinking of how to get money for all these things can lead to chronic stress and distress.

  3. It is difficult for single mothers to cope with work and raising their child. Being a single mother with no one to assist can be a bad experience because it will lead to one missing necessary things and meeting up with deadlines.


Single mothers should learn to take care of themselves. Don't look like it, make physical and mental well being a priority both for oneself and that of the child. Creating time for different outdoor and indoor activities for oneself and the baby will help in maintaining self care.

Learning from other single mothers can help one to be strong. There are many single mothers who have been there before you, socializing with those ones will help as they will be able to encourage, direct and advise on the right way to balance raising a child alone with other activities.

Lastly, no river is so wide that it can't be crossed. Having the right mindset can help single mothers provide their children with a comfortable and healthy home.

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