LOH 148 -| Freedom Or Sacrifice?

Nowadays, some parents pass on to their kids the family responsibility after they graduate from school. As a parent, do you agree with this, or will you allow your kids to shoulder burdens that are not supposed to be theirs? As a child, is it necessary for you to pay back your parents' laborious efforts even though it means you have to sacrifice your freedom?

In this age, it is not uncommon for parents to pass on family responsibilities to their children after graduation. And, being in this shoe, the idea of repaying our parents' tireless efforts, even at the cost of our own freedom, raises complex considerations.

Looking at the economic situation in many countries, the decision for parents to pass on responsibilities to their children is worrisome. In countries where young graduates often find themselves in a job market offering only low-paying positions, it's clear that without a stable income, assuming such responsibilities can be a struggle for fresh graduates.

As a young graduate, I feel responsibilities should come from a sense of willingness rather than imposition. There are various aspects to consider, especially when they are still going through their own financial stability.


Also, they should be able to acknowledge the sacrifices their parents have made and one way to acknowledge that is by taking some responsibilities without being compelled. Although the economic circumstances today make taking on such responsibilities more challenging, there's a deep-rooted sentiment in giving back to our parents who have sacrificed so much to help us reach where we stand today. It's a gesture of support, no matter how little, that holds its own significance.

While many aspire to exceed their parents' expectations, the daunting prospect of trading away a slice of freedom for the weight of responsibilities can indeed feel like a significant sacrifice. As some people put it, the real journey begins after the protective walls of the university.

After graduation, the majority of individuals set out in search of independence, chasing their dreams. Those who fall into this category often need time to find their stand, and when this much-needed time isn't available, striking a harmonious balance between personal dreams and familial duties becomes a dreadful challenge.

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