Flexible Roles Of Fathers

Participating in this week's Ladies of Hive contest, I will be sharing my thoughts on this topic:

A day recognizing fathers will be celebrated later this month in some parts of the world. With the changing perception of gender roles in our modern societies, how would you define the roles and responsibilities of fathers? And why do you define them that way?

Over time the roles and responsibilities of fathers have changed. The masculine identity of a father is not to show authenticity, authority and oppression. That masculine nature is to direct his children on the part to see the need for hard work, and help the children to be open to challenges. It is so painful these days that so many fathers are so caught up with their work, neglecting their families, leaving their wives to play the mother and father roles.

It is important to note that inasmuch as fathers are trying to work towards their own self fulfillment as the man of the house, there are also much need for them to draw closer to their family, mostly their children as they grow. There is need for a father to be always present looking into the affairs of his kids.


There is every need for fathers to give listening ear to their children. There should be a close bond existing between a father and his children. Their children's lives Should be their priority, nurturing and giving them all forms of support they need.

In addition, fathers should be actively involved in parenting. There should be a co-parenting existence between him and his wife. He should be able to play active day-to-day activities such as feeding, bathing, helping out in assignments, and extracurricular activities. Active co-parenting foster family bond and a balanced family environment.

Furthermore, one of the roles of a father is also providing financial support. A father should be able to provide for his family as the breadwinner. However, his wife working alongside wouldn't be a sacrilege as that would rather foster flexibility in the family.


Lastly, fathers serve as role models to their male children and females too. Showing positive qualities, behaviors and attitude. I know families have their unique way of grooming their kids when it comes to parenting. But notwithstanding, these roles are still among those that shouldn't be find lacking in this modern society of ours.

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