What's in my bag? - Ladies of Hive Community Contest #58

The theme of this week's contest has impressed me and I'm joining in with great pleasure.

What is in your bag


Ladies of Hive Community Contest #58



The people said: "You can find everything in the handbag, but not an arrangement." šŸ˜€
However, I am a very tidy person. I can't control chaos so I always strive for tidiness. There is always tidiness in my handbags. I put a specific thing in each compartment and every time I need it I find it very fast.
I confess that in my handbag sometimes you can find very strange things. I like my bag to weigh a lot, only then am I sure,
that whatever I need when I'm out is in my bag.
Once upon a time, backpacks were my passion, but now I'm more practical and only have a few and only use 3 of them. 2 years (since I having a dog) the backpack is my favorite. It is the most convenient for me when I go out for a walk with the dog.


What's in my backpack:


Purse - I don't go anywhere without it. šŸ‘›
Phone - it's important to me not only for keeping in touch with friends and family, but also for pictures. I love to take pictures of the beautiful things I see. šŸ“²
Phone charger -I have a charger, if I don't need it, I can always help a friend. šŸ˜‰
Keys for the apartment and cottage. šŸ”‘šŸ—ļø
Sunglasses and dioptric glasses - one of them is always on my face (right now - the dioptric ones). šŸ˜Ž
Antibacterial gel - I use this when I'm outside and don't have access to a faucet and soap.
Handkerchiefs and pads - in case of surprises. šŸ™‚
Lip balm - no matter the season I always moisturize my lips and the balm is always with me. šŸ’‹
Gum - I love them to freshen my breath.
Hair ties - I always tie my hair up when I'm running with the dog or when I'm eating.
Umbrella- every time I don't take it, it starts to rain, so now it's always with me even on the driest days. šŸŒ‚ā˜‚ļøā˜”
Patches, wipe to clean glasses, disposable gloves.
Notepad and pen - I write everything down in the moment I think of it, because I forget quickly. I've gone to the shop and I don't remember what I need to buy, then I buy everything but not what I need. šŸ˜ŒšŸ˜„ šŸ–Šļø

A few atypical thingsw: šŸ˜„

Police flashlight with electric shock - I've had it for 2 years and haven't used it, thank goodness. I have it for courage.
Knife with bottle opener and corkscrew - you never know when you might need to cut something or open a bottle of beer or wine... (I don't drink alcohol, but my friends do) šŸ¾ šŸ·
A phaser, tape measure and a couple of screwdrivers - we've been doing a cottage renovation in our village for the last year and these things help a lot. šŸ”
The side pockets of my backpack are a "trash can". šŸ˜•
Gum or candy wrappers, receipt, coffee stirrer, filled shopping list- I always collect all the trash in my bag in case there is no container nearby, I even often collect my friends' trash because I wouldn't want the waste on the street - you guessed what I mean.



What's in my handbag:


Of course, when I go out in the evening (which is rare anymore) I use a handbag. In my handbag there is my purse, phone, charger, keys, handkerchiefs, pad, perfume, deodorant, hair comb, antibacterial gel and lip balm.
Makeup bag - always before the bar me and my girlfriends like to do makeup together, very fun and exciting moment. So I have a few things in my makeup case for a light evening makeup.


I also have those days where I use a small compact handbag, which I really like how it looks. Because of the small size, I put the essentials in it. Purse, phone, sunglasses, keys, lip balm and anti-bacterial gel.



Thanks to @brittandjosie for a great topic this week!
Inviting @snedeva to join the contest.


Author: @mariya36
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Translated by: DeepL
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