Day 17/367: Posting On Hive Through The Ups And Downs - A Post To Motivate Someone (Community Contest #117)

Scenario 1: A reputation 52 friend says that she no longer wants to be active in Hive, claiming that she can't make the time, the coin is so low valued, and only a few people ever read her posts. What could you do to encourage and help her to keep trying? Writing tips? Time management? Other?

Hey Buddy!

I totally understand you and how you feel. Even I have been in that state many times. In fact, even though my reputation score has reached 71, many times, hardly people see my post. And, even today, I feel demotivated at times to post and even the coin value is low that makes me even more demotivated. But, through my experience, I would like to share my tips:

Consistency is the key, which even I have been lacking. But, I am working on it gradually. By posting on a daily basis, you create an impression on your readers. And, may be, some day, one of the whales will see your post and see how consistent you have been in your work. They will surely upvote you and might even follow you.

And, even though the value of the coin is low today, it will surely rise in the future and every post and every vote will be worth more than we know. So, keep posting and keep accumulating.

Use Prompts
Being a creative head, it’s really tough to write everyday, create something and think about what to post. I totally understand how demotivating and tough it becomes to think about new ideas every single day.

Using prompts for writing is really the best way if you’re looking for a topic to write on. Prompts even increase your writing and thinking capability to some extent and it’s an even challenging and fun way to boost your writing skills.

Write Every Time
Writing is a therapy, so write when you are happy, sad, overthinking, worried or excited. This way, you will be more expressive and after writing, you will surely feel better. So, this way, you can work on your writing skills and even balance out your emotions.

If your schedule is too busy, try writing for 15-20 mins per day before you sleep. This way, your mind will also be calm and you can sleep well.

Keep writing everyday with a thought that you are writing and creating a post because you love it, not for the votes. This way, you will be motivated to write and post even when the votes are less.

Best wishes to you. Keep writing. Keep shining 💫

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