The Weekend Getaway Essentials

The things that are worth going against what I preach and practice


Even when I subscribe to the idea of minimalist and essentials packing, sometimes I still fall into an over-packing habit. There are some essentials that I can not miss when going away from my comfort zone. And today I will tell you what are those essentials that it’s worth going against what I preach and practice.

For a rule of thumb, I pack very light. I am often found traveling with just a mini backpack filled with a few items of clothing, laptop and gadgets. As long as I have my laptop, I feel safe and sound. I am not worried if I don’t have shampoo, soap, mascara, or even a pair of socks because I can buy them or get them for free(not entirely free but yeah).

In the past, there was nothing called the weekend getaway. It was mostly a month traveling here, a few weeks there. It was disorganized traveling where I let my heart decide where to go. But as I grow up, I learn that it’s better to have a plan and more certainty when it comes to traveling. Hence comes the idea of the weekend getaway which I just recently started too.

A few months ago, I was traveling a few days with my cousin and my mom. From that travel, I learned some important things that I never experienced before. And that is, never travel without a pouch filled with essential medicine.

So, that is first, the essentials that I carry these days during my getaway. Even if I am just away for two days, having that medicine pouch is life saving. I can no longer chug a beer and not have any side effects the next day or eat something spicy just accidentally. On my last trip, I had to check out from the hostel early because I was having excruciating pain after chugging a beer, eating cubanos and biting a few paprikas.That was a total nightmare.

Then, another more item that I carry is my skin care. These days, I try to have some skin care routine as I want my skin to look healthier and remove my under-eye bag. A few months prior, I was a total nightowl that I didn’t get to sleep and stayed awake the whole night. It had some lasting effect that I am working on to fix.

Books are also essentials. Though removing more space in my bag, I can not travel without any books. I like to read when I am bored and trying to stay away from the screen. In the past, I only brought one but these days, I bring more books just in case I finish it too early.

And now, since it’s the pandemic, I can not forget the covid-19 kit that I have including alcohol wipes, hand sanitizer and masks. Without these, I don’t really feel safe going outside and mingling with others. Though this is also something that I brought in the past too.

Those are the essentials that I bring on my weekend trip and something I can’t live without. Do you have any essentials that you can’t live without during your trip? Share your story below!

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