Would You Trade 10 Years of Life for Wealth and Fame? | Ladies of Hive Contest #63

Would you trade 10 years of life for wealth and fame?

That’s a real interesting question!

And I believe that the common answer could be.. No! 😀


However I brought that question to a friend and he said “yes”. I did not ask why. I could actually list down reasons to choose “yes” too. As life is all about making decision – which comes from us seeing through the advantages and disadvantages of each choice. Each person has things they prioritize and they have actions to follow through!

So... No matter what my answer is, I’m really excited to see everyone else’s points to demonstrate their decision!

What I love about these contests is us having a lovely chance to show our unique points, and there will never be anything right or wrong
Everyone listens to one another and learns something new, everyone is free to make decision and is appreciated for what they contribute!

Dear ladies, this is my first time ever joining Hive ladies contest! 😊
I’m a newbie on Hive and just now starting to learn more from each community!
Hope you are having a good holiday there!
The end of the year is such a good time to think of this topic.

Would you trade 10 years of life for wealth and fame?

First, let's break this down!

  • 10 years of life:
    The world average life expectancy is 72.6 years
    10 years of life would be about 1/7 your life!
  • Wealth and Frame:

😎 Wealth:

Wealth is the abundance of valuable financial assets or physical possessions which can be converted into a form that can be used for transactions.

--> Which means having "Wealth", you will never have to worry about working, earning, you can live a comfortable life, you have the access to a lot of things that can be bought by money.

😎 Fame:

Fame is the quality of being well-known and in the public eye.

--> Being famous may bring you more oppotunities to make more money, to have access to more things that other people don’t have the access to.
This is why lots of time Wealth and Fame will come together
And the wealthier you are, the more famous you’d become.
The more famous you are, the more money you can make (easily).

But hey, don’t get lost in my points!


Would I trade 10 years of life for wealth and fame? - My answer is NO

Still a No! 🤗


1-- The safety and privacy when you’re wealthy and famous

Wouldn’t you say you are one of the richest people in the world and a celebrity and nobody knows you? That does not make any sense haha
Of course many people would want to approach you – for different purposes! You know what I mean.
And personally, I’m a person who wants to be free and have my own privacy to do my own things.


You don’t want to be judged for whatever you do, you don’t want people to know the blood type of every guy you date, you don’t want to walk down the street to buy an ice cream and having to bring a guard with you, you don’t want your life to be on live stream for the whole world to see. And at the end of the day, you’re tired laying down in your bed... 😗
Then... “Hey! The guy I went to see today, does he really like me for who I am or just because I have money and I’m famous? No I should not doubt him... but hold on, who knows? Ugh!!!!”

2-- Wealth and Fame can be an option but Life is not

I’d say: I can find out the purpose of my life, I can design my life, what I want to do, who I will become, I can choose and make efforts to have a wealthy life with fame.

But, can I choose to live 10 more years and be certain about that?

No! Even the richest person and the most famous person in the world can’t tell how long they can live!
And what we don’t have the right to choose – We want it safe and certain by defaut!
So I’ll want 10 years of life first – Then use it to make myself wealthy and famous! 😄

3-- It’s not about how much money and fame will satisfy us, it is about the lowest limit of life standard that we can handle!

Now, is a special moment, when I’m gonna bring you to a short story about someone I really adore.
A musician friend of mine. We were “more than friends and less than lovers” haha 😆

He has spent over 20 years to make music and became a great entreu-producer (independent artist). In my eyes he was a very focused person in his career. However; the reason why we liked each other a lot but nothing got further, is me feeling like he only wanted to focus on his career instead of romance! I mean “no space for romance”.
But I could feel it from him that he wanted romance!

2 months ago he left Viet Nam to go back home to the US, and that was when he started to face some hard feelings. Once we had a long chat and this is what he said:

“I guess, sometimes it feels like music is the only thing keeping me alive. I’ve turned away from relationships in pursuit of musical dreams. Its easy to romanticize things that aren’t real. Idolizing a distant goal that will never be actualized, because music can never be perfected or conquered. It can be such a lonely companion. Songs can hold pain inside of them for generations. But they can’t be the only thing. Music has to be an companion on the journey, it can’t be a main character. And some of the lyrics just hit hard. Old memories. The whole “I wanna poison the world’s one sided spin cycle” speaks to inequality. For some people it spins downward despite their best efforts and for others it spins upward with no effort whatsoever, almost like a lottery. Thats all I got!

I felt like falling into a hole when I heard that! Here is a big strong man who I care about and adore - Who seems successful in life but being vulnerable in front of me to tell me that he seems to have wasted lots of time in his life just focusing on wealth and fame – which is never enough – and never fair! 😞💔

Now, this gonna bring you to my 3rd point!

3-- Wealth and Fame – Two short-term definitions

You could wake up one day and go bankrupt for some reason which leads to a reputation crash. We have seen that happened to MANY celebrities! All gone after one night.

But 10 years of life: Wow! They are there, and just there. You are just given 10 years of freedom and health!
You can’t imagine how much you can do in those 10 years! So let me take you to my next point!

4-- Imagine how much you can do in those 10 years?

  • Endless potential to make money, be successful, become wealthy and famous too.
    Yes! I know it sounds a bit certain and a bit dreaming at the same time. I mean... It is not easy to get rich and famous or everyone would have been rich and famous haha
    But I said it before: It’s a choice! Because I do believe that we can design our lives!
    Find out the life purpose! Take actions! Keep making efforts!
    All we need is time and health, which these 10 years are our golden time!

So, if you choose to have 10 years of life, then you can get rich too, and the bonus from having these 10 years is...?

  • If you have these 10 years which you can use to become wealthy and famous, you also make memories!


Yes, memories, relationships, life experiences! 💖
You can never use money to buy any of these!
These take time to create, these are created during the time you are making efforts for something else!

If wealth and fame can be lost after one night; love, joy, fun, memories, experiences, the feelings, the emotions you have, you go through in those 10 years, those will never fade away easily, and those bring you the best experience in life of being a human!

At the end:

Would you trade 10 years of life for wealth and fame?

I say no, and no! And even now I’m not a rich person, and now my work is not going as I exptected during covid, I tell myself everyday: I’m not creating great money during this time – But I’m creating great life experiences, great memories, I’m learning great skills which will serve my work later (will make more money by then haha).

I’m creating great relationships with friends and people around me
I’m creating so much during this time, and my heart always feels fulfilled.
I would not just want 10 years to create more of these, to enjoy a fulfilled heart, I want 30 more years, 40 more year, 50, 60... I’m being greedy already haha!
But back to the topic/the question, I’ll say:

What about you? What is your choice? 😊

In this contest, I'll see if my lovely friend @kimloan could join. Here is an incredible lady. A busy mom but always brings on Hive beautiful and profound thoughts.
And thank you @trangbaby for bringing us such inspiring topic!

Merry belated Christmas to you all and an early Happy New Year! 😊

Ps: 10 years... wow I'll keep listening to this favorite song of mine by Sam Cooke to create more and more love haha, now I linked it here for you!
Wonderful World - Sam Cooke

Little Beatle ♫

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