"TIP TOKENS": Test Result of !LUV Command

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🌐 !Rewards, !TIPS & Gift Tokens: TEST# !LUV (ENG/FR)

🎯 . This post is addressed to all those who are interested in !LUV commands and want to share with us a few words in French

Ce message s'adresse à toute personne intéressée par les commandes !LUV et souhaitant partager avec nous quelques mots en français

TEST: Command !LUV
Anyone with a Hive username can receive LUV. Anyone with at least 10 LUV in their wallet can freely share LUV tokens simply by replying to a post or comment with one of the LUV commands included in the reply: !LUV or !luv or !Luv or !love. (By @luvshares)

The main use-case of the LUV token is to share love around the Hive blockchain.(By @crrdlx)

"The goal of LUV is to give love or support to others on the Hive chain while expecting nothing in return. In this way, LUV isn't a token where you expect to earn something back. Given the token is secondary to the idea behind the the comment. For this reason, I almost always include a real comment when giving LUV" (@crrdlx).

🌐 Issuer: @crrdlx / @luvshares
🌐 Learn more about the LUV token & !LUV command - updated 03/27/2022
🌐 LUVHBIT Community

Self Rewards: Can we send the order to ourselves?
No, it is not possible to self-reward (Pas d'auto-récompense)

Mutual Rewards: Command rewards the sender and/or the receiver ?
!LUV command does not allow a Double Reward and only the receiver receives the reward (seulement le receveur reçoit une récompense)

Upvote function: Is the reward accompanied by an upvote?
No there is no automatic voting function (pas de vote automatique)

Reward Diversity: Only offers 1 or more types of rewards?
!LUV command only offers LUV tokens (Récompense uniquement en jetons LUV)

Reward Value: What is the value in Hive or USD$ of the reward?
1 LUV per reward (Compare Tips Tokens - By @crrdlx ) (1 LUV par récompense)

💠 Multiple rewards possible for the same author, by the same or by different curators, for the same or for different comments
YES - OUI (multiples récompenses possibles pour le même auteur, par le même ou par différents curateurs, pour le même ou pour différents commentaires)

Amount of tokens required to use the !LUV command ?
!LUV per 24 hours UTC is shown below (Source): The awarded author always receives 1 LUV and this regardless of the level of the curator (l'auteur reçoit toujours 1 LUV à chaque récompense
💥Amount of LUV Token⏲️ Calls per day
💥Quantité nécessaire⏲️ Offres possible/jour

Reward Speed: Approximate time between order and rewards message (Slow, Medium, Fast)
MEDIUM : (according to our tests) (Réponse Moyenne)

Association with other Commands: Limits the number of reward commands that can be used simultaneously
ASSOCIATION NOT LIMITED: !LUV command is limited to 3 other "Tip Tokens" (limite d'association à 3 autres !TIP commandes

💠 Clarity Message: Presence of a clear comment accompanying the reward.
💠 Info Message: Presence of a direct link to understand the !Commande.
💠 Counter function: Presence of a counter allowing to follow the number of rewards, authorized or remaining for this !Commande .

Spam level: Aesthetics of the display (surface, photo, image, text, advertising,...) Low - Medium - High ?
Low (Faible perturbation esthétique)

Synthetic rewards function: Avoid spam by aggregating rewarded participants' announcements.
NO (Pas d'agrégation synthétique des récompenses)

Info Alert: Presence of a clear comment accompanying an error or a limit.
NO message for balance limit (Pas de message, si insuffisance de LUV)
NO message if the number of command authorized per day is exceeded (Pas de message si le nombre de commandes autorisées par jour est dépassé)

How to get LUV tokens?

  • By being rewarded via comments (!LUV command)
  • Participate in challenges or contests
  • Buy or Trade (buy / sell)

Comment obtenir des jetons LUV ?

  • En étant récompensé via les commentaires grâce à la commande !LUV
  • Participer à des défis ou concours
  • Acheter ou Échanger (achat/vente)


Minimal token required10
Token valueLUV Value by @crrdlx
Need to be stakedNO
Mutual RewardNO
Automatic Upvote functionNO
Self call (Self Vote)NO (Comment & Post)
Multi Self VoteNO
Multi Call Same AuthorYES
Limite by other TipsMaximum 3 TIPS
Level of rewards5
Same rewards per call and for all levelsYES - 1 LUV
Same rewards for each call of the same levelYES - 1 LUV
Message for a limited tip tokens amountNO
Rewards TypesLUV
After the 7 days upvote time period has expiredYES
GUIDE & INFOClear - About LUV token
RichlistHive-Engine Rocks
Authors and contacts@crrdlx / @luvshares
POOLCheck LUV Pool ?
TEST !LUV CommandTest & Result
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