"TIP TOKENS": Synthesis of the LOH !LADY command

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🌐 !Rewards, !TIPS & Gift Tokens: TEST# !LADY (ENG/FR)
🌐 "TIP TOKENS": Test Result of !LADY Command

🎯 . This post is addressed to all those who are interested in !LADY commands and want to share with us a few words in French

Ce message s'adresse à toute personne intéressée par les commandes !LADY et souhaitant partager avec nous quelques mots en français

Command !LADY
LOH token holders can use the command !LADY in comment and a tip will be sent to the person you are commenting to. Additionally, you earn the same amount of LOH token yourself. (Source: from - hive-124452 )

🌐 Learn more about the LADY (LOH) token
🌐 Learn more about the !LADY (LOH) command
🌐 LadiesOfHive Celebrates Two Years!

Synthesis of the LOH !LADY command

📰 Synthesis:

Minimum token required25
Token valueCTP Value by @crrdlx
Need to be stakedNO
Mutual RewardsYES
Automatic Upvote functionNO
Self call (Self Vote)NO (Comment & Post)
Multi Self VoteNO
Multi Call Same AuthorYES
Limit by other TipsNO Limit
Level of rewards10 level
Same rewards per call and for all levelsYES - 0.1 LOH
Same rewards for each call of the same levelYES
SpeedVery Fast
Message for a limited tip tokens amountYES
Spam LevelLOW SPAM
Rewards TypesLOH
After the 7 days upvote time period has expiredYES
GUIDE & INFOClear - Introducing... The LADY
RichlistHive-Engine Rocks
Authors and contacts@hive-124452 / @thekittygirl / @silversaver888
POOLCheck LOH Pool?
TEST !LOH CommandTest & Result

How to get LOH tokens?

  • By being rewarded via comments
  • By posting in the Ladies of Hive community #hive-124452 or with the tag #LOH (respect the rules of posts)
  • Participate in challenges or contests
  • Buy or Trade (buy / sell) LOH (HIVE-ENGINE)

Comment obtenir des jetons LOH ?

  • En étant récompensé via les commentaires
  • En postant dans la communauté Ladies of Hive #hive-124452 ou avec le tag #LOH (respectez les règles de posts)
  • Participer à des défis ou concours
  • Acheter ou Échanger (achat/vente)

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